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  1. It's ok if you don't have a invoice.I Rma mine,and i asked if i had to sent it.They told me if i had it was ok.But still if i had not,wasn't a problem.Read the rma procedure
  2. So my Problem was solved.had to put Drive strenght=7.So everything is fine now
  3. read this thread New Bios Mod DFI Expert.You will find it there
  4. Thnx for the replies Guys.The certain thing is that expert+dual core+Gskill Hz=problems.(Not to everyone though)I'm not the only one.Some guys at the thread "G.Skill HZ/Any other UCCC (2x1024) 260+" have the same problems as me.As i said my Gskill sticks,were doing 3-3-2-5,2.74 with same board but with single core Opteron 148 and 3700+ Sandy.So they haven't for certain some kind of problem.Everyone advise was Merlin bios.I updated my bios and yes i have at least 250 at 3-4-4-8.But at 2.5v.If i was increasing volt,had errors on memtest.When i had single Core,default speeds needed at least 2.6..(Strange)Now i was trying to do 3-3-2-5,same settings like before(with single core) but nothing.Got many errors at memtest.Finally got stable setting at 250,3-3-2-5 but i've done something wierd.I decreased the volts at 2.37..Passed 3 times memtest!Duration:~2h 15min...I don't know.Wierd things are happening...I'll try and 2t though
  5. First off all..Happy new year to all.I've a problem with my G.skill-Hz sticks.Previous I had an Opteron 148 and an 3700+ o/c at 2.9 with my gkill at 265 3-3-2-5~2.74v I decided that it's time to move to dual core.So 165 opty came to replace 148.The idea was to stabilize 165 at 2.9~ cause me ram was great at 265.But....problems started...I could't even make them work at stock timmings.I decreaded the volts at 2.5:confused: and finally 250 for me at stock timmings even and at 3-3-2-5.Thought that was a good start for 265..But it wasn't.Can't o/c them at all.Tried stock timming,differents volts,ram settings and read lots of post here and xs.I saw many people with the same problem.We had something in common.Expert and x2 cpu...So do you something in mind that will help me solve my problem...THnx in advance n happy to be a member of your forum
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