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  1. Quimby mountain band - Split They are a local band my cousins told me about last week... If interested, they have a myspace...I'm sure you'll be able to find it. Other songs on the list: Quimby mountain band - Drip Drop Joe Satriani - Searching Joe Satriani - Love Thing Brian Kahanek - Gemini
  2. I just swapped out for a new computer and it has vista...my Creative sound blaster live digital card does not work with it yet and from what I've heard, creative takes forever to get drivers out for their cards....... Im waiting for the m-audio 2496 card drivers to come out ...they said it should be out soon. As of now I'm stuck recording audio with the stock card........ having to pay to get those great features out of your sound card when switching to vista...now thats crazy
  3. yea I tried water but there are some tough spots that wont come off with water or those PC wipes. I'll give some tape a try
  4. Anyone have any good product suggestions for cleaning laptop screens? My Dell Inspiron 1150 needs a good cleaning as I've fell back on keeping it clean for a while...
  5. +1, just got one of those myself when the Linksys went down last week my modems only last around 2 years...
  6. already got a new one, just thought it would be fun to try to get this one going but it seems like a long shot...
  7. I have an older Kensington "Video CAM" web cam. Model # 67016 All the drivers out there..(if ya can find one) are for windows 98 I'm looking to find a way to get this working with XP. All Google searches come up with nothing but a few people like me who want to get this thing working as well. Seems like a nice challenge to get going. Any takers? I've been working on it for an hour now and have nothing.
  8. I've had great luck with Dell desktops and laptops We only have called Dell customer service twice in the past 4-5 years now. Now any time we did call we were helped but we also had to wait on the phone for long periods of time for someone to pick up. We have 4 Dell Dimension desktops, 1 custom build desktop, a dell dimension we turned into a TiVo and works fine, as well as 2 Dell laptops. All work without any problem but if something does go wrong we normally know them well enough to fix any problem that comes up.
  9. ahh i got myhands on the CD set for NFS most wanted....5 CDs... it runs on low settings but its like watching a slide show with these slow frame rates any setting hop-up suggestions for a dell dimension 2400?
  10. lol yea I saw that about 2 weeks ago crazy prices for nothing special
  11. did some tweaks to the system and got need for speed underground running...fairly well too any suggestions on the best NFS demo out now? ill have to find the disk for the full game and load that later on... I used some spare time to clear up the computer desk and got it ready for driving
  12. yea ill have to try it on my other desktop...but the dimension 2400 wont run MFS or MFS2....my brother has them both. maybe some overclocking will get it going
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