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  1. DD 240 Xflow dual rad $30 shipped And 80mm mini rad $15 shipped What size fittings are on these? Also do you have a link to either of these? Contact me on any of our forums. Thanks for clearing everything up.
  2. Can you run some single card benches? I am interest to know how it does.
  3. With my monitor I prefer to run 1600x1200. I'm still on a Dell 22" CRT. Being a hardcore gamer doesn't mean money is no object. I am an avid gamer, but like to watch what I spend and try not to blow $ if I don't need to. I agree with AG that you shouldn't build a rig around a game. I'm not alone in thinking COD4 looks better than Crysis. There is a large number of people across several forums that feel the same way. Not to mention, the fact still remains that COD4 is assembled better than Crysis. The fact you get a quality image from mid range hardware with decent FPS proves this fact. I love Crysis, don't get me wrong. The motion blur (of all things, I know) is one of my favorite aspects of the game. It is so close to real head movement it's unreal. Unfortunately, that is only one good feature amongst a pile of things that go wrong. The loading of textures for example is still buggy. Not as bad at the beta was, but there are still times you can catch missing textures if you're looking.
  4. The extra 512 might not make a big difference, but the third power phase will help with stability. That is their non reference 8800GT. 3 phase power and 1GB memory. I might sell my current Palit and upgrade to this one. Anyone know if it's using the Gaymonda RAM like the reference cards?
  5. The part about overclocking your rig more was a joke AG. We are the 1% aren't we? The part about the game running great on my rig was not. I have a lot of horsepower in this rig though and the def helps. No need to toss around comments of people being "retarded" or the like. It's not my fault my rig runs Crysis better than yours. As far as how Crysis is put together and works: They could learn a lot from Activision/Infinity Ward. COD4 looks just as good, if not better than Crysis while still running on DX9. Not to mention you don't need $4000 worth of hardware to run it at high settings with excellent FPS. LOL? All settings on High, I average ~25-38 FPS. I'm not saying the game runs efficiently/effectively on all systems. I am saying don't call it .. The game itself is fun.
  6. Have a look here. Compare your BIOS to these and see what the difference is. In reality, you could just flash one of the evga BIOS to your card. That's what I did with my Palit.
  7. Have you turned up the fan speed on it yet? Stock the fan runs at 27% until the GPU hits 100°C. Either use Rivatuner or do a BIOS mod to turn the fan up to ~85%. It's loud at 100%. Your issue is temp related most likely. I was having issues with mine until I cranked the fan speed. I finally went water on it. You have to remember that the die is smaller that the 7950. It is more sensitive to heat. Try running the fan on the card at 100% and see what happens.
  8. Only the evga NF68 680i owners can step up and they only have a short window to do so. If you have a NF63, 67, etc, you're SOL.
  9. This is so true. Only reason I got a Maximus Formula was because it was one of the first X38 boards out. Gigabyte makes a damn good X38 board. Vista is not a joke right now. I run Vista Ultimate X64 with 4x1GB of DDR2 1066. Very nice OS. I dual boot with XP Pro SP2 and have to agree with your DX9 vs DX10 statement. Crysis looks just about the same on both minus a couple things like the realistic motion blur and improved HDR with DX10. DX10 on Vista only is quite simply just a ploy to get people off XP. Everyone knows this (I hope) though. If they don't progress people off their old OS's, then they will never make money. So, they quite simply force you off XP. Not a great way to do business IMO. Exactly, if you're gunning for the pricey board no matter what, why ask for an opinion? Gaming on Vista is just about the same as on XP. Make sure you apply the Vista performance hotfixes. This will give you near the same FPS in games as XP yields. Go for an 8800GT or GTS (G92) for a single card solution. If you're a hardcore gamer like you claim, then get 2 3870's for Xfire as X38 is Xfire only. I'm not going to say don't go Vista. I love it myself. If you're going to be using 4GB of RAM, be sure to get an x64 version in order to use all of it. Best suggestion I can give is if you have both XP and Vista, take a hard drive, split it in 2 partitions, and put XP on one (do XP first) and Vista on the other. Vista has a boot manager that will let you choose between the 2. Ever. Buy a PC to fit your overall needs, not just a game. Oh now stop it. Crysis runs great on my rig in DX10 on Vista. It's not that bad. Maybe overclock you GPU/CPU some more?
  10. Please add darkninja420. Reasons: Here. Here. And here. I'm a mod over at blazingpc where we have banned him for bad trading practices. Trust me, you don't want this guy trading here.
  11. Up your memory voltage to 2.1-2.2. Set your timings to something like 5-5-5-15-2T. See if it boots, then tighten down the timings from there.
  12. I just got a used SLI D that would not save BIOS settings for anything. If I changed just one thing, the PC would not boot at all. I would have to do a CMOS clear in order for it to boot. I was googling around when I found this thread. I made your CD and booted to it. Ran the KillCMOS tool and flashed a new BIOS. Everything works now! I spent hours trying to get this to boot and your CD fixed it in 5 minutes!! Thank you so much for your time and efforts sir!
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