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  1. well ya better tell asus cause they didnt hear ya, the board is working 100% better than the dfi one, they really screwed the pooch on the dfi board.
  2. having 2 of the 590-sli now, all i can say is you may be better off with the asus till dfi fixes the bios on these boards, its really messed up, temps read wrong, dividers dont work right, least ways with the high end cpu's, like fx-62, 5600 x2, and 5200 x2 all of which i have tried and suspect the 6000 x2 wont fair much better, i ordered a asus 590-sli last nite see if it can do any better with it.
  3. here its a beta bios http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=B&SITE=NA
  4. there is a beta bios on dfi site for the brisbane update, but of course they broke some other things
  5. you should have received a couple of cushions with the typhoon, they go on the back under the bracket to protect the motherboard, just dont peel off the backing and you can reuse them. i have used typhoons on expert, sli-dr, and sli-d with no probs.
  6. again here i sit with no info bout shipping anyone else get anything?
  7. the note you sent me said he had a pacemaker put in nothing bout him dyin, dang you are having some problems there, and i am sorry if your granfather is truly ill or deceased, not sure which right now you have said both, at different times. I will pray for your grandfather whatever condition he is in, and again truly sorry if he is ill or deceased.
  8. dang guess i will be waiting till xmas then as punishment, but if mine did ship it would be here overnite being so close.
  9. confidence is built with one keeping one's word, Monday afternoon has come and gone and again nothing to indicate anything has shipped.
  10. does this mean you will not be shipping this week?
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