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  1. Did you have the errors before installing Vista? Has anyone else had better luck with this board and Vista? Also wondering if there would be a different outcome between the 32 bit and 64 bit versions... I will be getting Vista Ultimate from my school sometime in April, so if it seems that it works fine, then i wont bothering with tearing my computer apart and having it out of action for a week or so.. (like I said before, Being a computer information systems major does not allow me to have computer downtime...)
  2. I as well, am sick of this motherboard. I've tried all of the fixes and nothing works. I will be attempting to RMA the board back to newegg... The only problem is that I will have to buy either an Nforce board (no crossfire) or the older ATI Chipset (cant think of the name right now.. starts with an R?) The problem is not with the mobo swap and the format i will have to do, it is the inconvience of it all.. I'm in the middle of college right now (as many of you are) and I don't have a week or so to have my computer down. (I'm doing a lot of programming at the moment) If i find the time, I will also be writing a letter to the Maximum PC watchdog about this FUBAR situation...
  3. I'm not sure what i did.. I was attempting to switch my drive over to the Silicon Image controller, which was to no avail. In the process, i changed some bios settings.. when i was switching back, i decided to plug my drive into port 4 just to see what would happen. wouldn't you know that it starts up without a problem and i have had no m5288 errors?? Don't ask me how.. I'm just afraid to restart the thing... lol
  4. I guess the only solution i haven't tried is installing the windows (ali) drivers again.. I'm searching for them, but having problems finding them. does anyone have a link to the download? thanks.
  5. Could you explain the steps/settings you took/changed to do this? I just attempted to switch my drive over to the Silicon image controller and failed miserably. My first attempt, i plugged the drive in to SATA port 5. went into the bios, enabled the Sil controller to SATA mode, and disabled the Uli controller. I then made sure that my SATA drive had first boot priority. saved settings and restarted. all went well until i got to "backup CMOS...OK!" after that, it just sat there doing nothing. Second attempt, i unplug the power from my PATA drive and restart. Same problem. Third, i boot up into XP setup and tried to run the repair console. it told me that no hard drives were present. Fourth, I boot up into XP setup and hit F6 to see if installing the controller drivers would help. got into repair console, still says no drives present Thats where I gave up and set everything back up to its normal stuttery state. Does anyone have any ideas what I did wrong?
  6. ok, I have been watching this thread closely, as I have been having the same stuttering issues with my CFX3200. I have installed the latest drivers, the latest bios, and have also ran power strip and set the controller latency to 32... I still have stuttering problems and they seem to be getting worse. I am also starting to get disk read errors on startup... as someone asked before, is it possible to just change my SATA drive over to the Silicon Image controller to fix this issue? (I am willing to take the performance hit if so.) Is there any other fix that I have been overlooking?
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