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  1. you cold drill holes in the bottom of the card shims and skrew the cards to the board
  2. the o rings were brand new. the vacume leak was a gromet type thing at the bottom... anyways, now shes running. but very very lean at idle. so bottle of injector cleaner, and were gonna see if that changes anything.
  3. lmao, had me goin there up to the reeses puffs. then i was like wtf. that would make one hell of a comercial though lol
  4. lmao, we should all find his different auctions and ask him from them lol
  5. my dads got a 52 chev picup. ill put some pics up once i get some, lol. if he doesnt put it back under the canopy now that my cars out...
  6. for those that were interested. i got the car runnning, have a vacume leak at the injectors that im fixing tomorrow. and then doing my timing. thanks for all the help/tips/advice:D
  7. the bolts are strait and reusable. the machinist found problems with my cam gear pins, so i ordered new ones, and they wont be here till tomorrow. then i can start putting things back together.
  8. the cams havent been moved, and theyr marked, so they will be good. i am going to be tapping the holes for the head bolts, and taking a die to the actual bolts so i can get them torqued right. the heads getting milled tomorrow while im at school, then im having my friend come over, and we will be putting her back together.
  9. the car wasnt using excessive oil, or coolant. the oil was about a month old before i tore her down, and the coolant was in the car when we bought it, so i dont know if it was the propper mix or not. i do know that if you look at the bottom of the gasket, you can see a track where fluid left the cylinder and went down into one of the holes going to the oil. i had a picture of it, but it didnt turn out at all, so i deleted it. were getting the head milled on monday, and if its done on time, i should be able to get her back together by monday night, or be a little to sick for school tuesday, and finish her up on tues. i will be keeping an eye on the temp gauge, and the smoke color oh, and all the ring scoring on the cylys are from the camera/flash, looking at it with bare eyes they look almost like mirrors.
  10. ya i understand that, thats the reason why i havent put everything back together yet. but with what money i have, and what i need to buy still, and adding a 35$ water pump to that puts me in way over my head... *edit* i have dual overhead cams, which puts my cheapest water pump at 38$ +shipping +tax
  11. ya, but the only problem is i dont have the money to be doing this, so i only want to replace what i have to untill i can get the money to replace the parts that might need to be replaced sometime. my temp gauge doesnt have numbers, it just has hot and cold, and the needle goes between them. exact milage on the car is 181,865
  12. im guessing the pcv was bad, when i pulled it, it broke into pieces, so that is being replaced. i do know my water temps were fairly good, the new coolant will help drop it a little more, but it was running half way on the gauge, which is where i see most cars run. is there a way i could test the water pump? the car has about 170xxx miles on it i believe, i can check when i get home.
  13. i do know the timing was right on, we checked it 4 or 5 times.
  14. spark rattle? and are you talking about the burn patterns on the piston heads?
  15. could you tell us, or pm me so i can get my car back together asap?
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