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  1. I just hooked up the 4-pin cable to the mobo, turned it on...still nothing. So now I'm going for a CMOS clear. If this doesn't work I'll just send the PSU back tomorrow. I have access to some electrician tools, anyone know if it is possible to test the PSU to see if it is dead? I really don't have any way of swapping PSUs at the moment, even though that would be easier...
  2. I just made some interesting observations. I noticed that the Floppy Drive power port or whatever (that one under the CPU) was disconnected. I also noticed that the audio module is also unplugged. I never knew that that connected even exsisted underneath the CPU, but I suppose (from the building guide) that it might be important. What kind of damage do you guys think I might have caused from not having these in? The audio module was plugged in eairlier today, so that might be it too...I need to get some extra cables tomorrow to plug these in, but I doubt they will do much...
  3. I just checked it, it's LED1(Near bottom left of board) and LED6(near RAM). I think they are both red... The CPU fan doesn't start up, only the one in back and probably the one in front. How could I check to make sure that it is the PSU and not something else? I mean...I'm pretty sure that SOME power is getting through to power those lights, but that doesn't mean it isn't faulty.
  4. Yesterday my computer was working fine, as it had been for the past 3 weeks. I was as happy as could be with my new computer, and then this has to happen. Today I moved my computer from one house to another, as I always do every week. Nothing was banged or bumped. I set everything up, went to hit the button...heard the fans buzz and saw my mouse light up, and then it went dead. I pushed the power button again, now not even the fans turned on. So I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Turned it on fans and mouse on and off again. I opened the case when the power cord was plugged in and noticed that there were 2 LEDs lit up. I don't know what to infer from that. I suppose that the power is getting to the mobo to run these LEDs, because when I yank the cord they go out. So, I'm confused. I was thinking that maybe I should clear the CMOS or something, but I don't know if I can do that with the PSU acting like this, and I'm afraid that if I keep screwing with it that the PSU will take something else with it into the grave. Thanks in advance.
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