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  1. I asked on the mushkin support forums and they said that their Redlines with CE-5 ICs and Corsair XMS with BE-5 ICs would most likely be compatible... The "most likely" part is bugging me... Don't wanna spend over $300 just to find out I can't use it
  2. How about if I just go with 2 kits of Redline XPs? Are they compatible with the CFX3200?
  3. This seem like it might be useful to whomever can help Redline IC Spec : Infineon HYB25D512800CE-6 Corsair 3500LL IC Spec : Infineon rev B (BE-5, which is 5ns ram)
  4. Ok. I have a Corsair Twin XMS 2048-3500LL kit, which I am in love with. But I am not going to buy a system for awhile; probably 2010! "if" I can stop myself from going crazy when DDR3 and PCIe 2.0 pops up with AM3 The Corsair 3500LL works great. Only beef is, it's at DDR433 (217~218) Anyways, I am thinking of getting another 2GB kit to future proof my computer for Vista, DX10 gaming and apps that I may utilize till 2010. I couldn't find 3500ll anywhere, so contacted Corsair about it... They're discontinued... :sad: Anyways, I was thinking of getting the next best thing, which is the Mushkin RedlineXP DDR500 2GB kit. Specs on the Redline XP is here. I was just wondering if these are compatible and good performers if I match them up with the existing 3500LLs and the CFX3200 I have. Prethanks for the comments and your time Happy Holidays! Happy Soon to be New Year!
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