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  1. Hey. got my replacemnt bios chip from tmods friend in the uk. His web site is : http://www.bios-repair.co.uk/ for any one looking for a replacement chip in the uk. Poped it in works a treat with the new psu as well. I think my old one had actually given up aswell, wasnt actually turning on any more. Thanks to every one for there advice and help. I think I would proberly be half way through a rma at the mo. Thank you guys very much.
  2. Thanks guys. I got hold of Tmod last night and he refered me to a uk based bios chip company and have ordered a replacement chip. Thanks Logan didn't get your post until today. Unfortunatly I would have liked to spend a little extra on an ocz psu, have been very impressed by there ram and customer services, but i am a student and on a bit of a budget. I checked the recomded psu list and saw that the hiper type r was on there so have managed to pick one up for about £50, cheepest ocz one i could fine was £75. I dont think i will be doing any sli work, maybe an extra hdd is about as far as i will go in the next year. Logan: what other routes would there be apart from a bios chip replacement?
  3. Thanks very much for the hlep guys. I think i should be able to get my setup up and running, hopfully. How do I get hold of Tmod? Dfi webmail is currently off line so i have no hope of cntacting them for a min.
  4. O.k, that makes sence. Have only got a 2 dimms in use when my setup is runnng again. Tried to boot after leaving the coms to clear for a good few hour, followng the full coms guide but no luck, guess i am after a new bios chip from dfi.
  5. Thanks for the advice, very useful, hopefully will solve a few things. I have started a full coms clear wich is underway at the moment, so fingers crossed. I have also had a look through the psu and nf4 build guide and am thinking about getting a Hiper 580W Type-R Modular PSU SLI, i was always a bit dubeious about a 380w psu from what i have read in reviews but seams to be quite happy and stable never more then .05v out out on 3.3, 5v and 12v so thought it would be ok for a minute until i could get hold a a decent psu. looking back at it, is a bit stupid skmping on the psu. The ram i had no idea about, one of my friends convinced me that it would be ok aslong as the timings were the same. So i think i will jsut use the ocz ram for now. Sorry, bit of a newbie question, how come running a 3800x2 with 4 dimms is not a good idea? Thanks guys
  6. Hey everyone. I am fairly new to the amd world and overclocking, any help would be greatly appriciated. I have recently built a new rig, one in my sig. Everything was going fine booted first time, loaded windows no problems etc. I started to have a little play earlier to get used to the system and noticed that the bios was a few years out of date, I think it was the 06/2004, abd decided to update it to the newest one 10/2006. everything was going fine, flashed no problems, until it came to the restart. blank black screen, no post, nothing. This seamed a little odd, going from a working system to nothing. I tried clearing the cmos and booting with only 1 stick of ram is different dimms, but nothing apart from the blank black screen. oh and a bleeping sound, i dont think it is the system speaker, tried booting with no ram to check and the beep was alot louder. this beep is very quiet, has 2 short beeps then a gap, keeps repeating. Thought it might have been the hdd failing so tried booting with out the hdd, but still the same sound. I am really not sure what has happened, or how to fix it short of a rma. anybody have anyideas? Many thnaks
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