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  1. This is what DFI suggests: http://us.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_me...PRODUCT_ID=4556 I already tried the recommended KVR400 from Kingston.
  2. I did a search and found his recommendations, but it was for a Nvidia system and not ATI. The motherboard I have is a UT CFX3200-DR/G. This is the board I'm trying to find a workable memory solution for.
  3. Is there a list somewhere on this website of absolutely, positively, guaranteed to work, memory modules? This seems to be one of the main reasons that this motherboard fails to achieve acceptable levels of operation.
  4. I tried three different brands of memory today. Kingston KVR400 is on DFI's website as a recommended and compatible memory. I found on this website the fact that the earlier BIOS do not work well with OCZ memory. I tried two other brands today to try and get a POST so that I could reflash the BIOS to one of the OCZ compatible ones.
  5. The only memory that I have on hand in two like sticks is the OCZ 4800 Plat El. If I put that in the two orange slots I get a POST error code of C1. The continuous cyclical beeping has stopped in that configuration. The second time I tried I got a POST error code of C0. What it currently does is cycle through C1 three or four times and then stays with a steady C0.
  6. This MB has me pulling my hair out. This is the first DFI board that I've owned. The reason I bought it is that the SATA connectors work with the X1950 video cards. I found that on my previous Abit board the SATA connectors would bend sideways & disconnect when installing the X1950's. Same with the Asus board that I have. DFI seemed to think about where the SATA connectors needed to be to function with every video card. I originally tried 4 sticks of OCZ 4800 PE. The first code it threw was C21. I removed 3 sticks & got the error code 92 with a repetitive beeping, which from searching seems to be an unallocated error code. I moved the sticks around & cleared the CMOS, which did nothing. I bought another stick of Kbyte locally, cleared the CMOS, & moved the stick around. It did nothing but produce POST error code 92 & the constant beeping. I returned that stick & bought a 256 mb stick of Kingston KVR-400 because it seems to be one that is recommended on DFI's website. The results are again the same even with half a dozen clearings of the CMOS which was recommended on this website. I've moved the stick around several times with no luck. What am I missing here? I can't continue to purchase different brands of memory to try and hope one works out. This is the sixth board I've built & the most frustrating one to date.
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