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  1. I looked at the diagram in the owners manual. It shows 12v available to 4 connectors on the same side, yellow wires, & the 4 backside wires as grounds, black wires. I then used a multi-meter to confirm the output from the 2 connectors. So, yes, the (2) 4 pin connectors equal one 8 pin connector.
  2. I have a question about how many of the 4 pin power connectors need to be attached. The 24 pin connector is plugged in along with a single 4 pin connector. It states in the manual that attaching an 8 pin connector is preferable. Is this the same as using two of the 4 pin connectors?
  3. Does a master card need more amperage than a standard X1950? I can get a standard X1950X to work in PCIE video slot #1, but can not get an X1950 Crossfire master card to work by itself in the same slot. The fault LED comes on when I try the master card in either of the PCIE video slots. I have a PSU with marginal amperage on the 12 volt rail which is why I am asking the question.
  4. I have 2 Sapphire X1950's that have a spot for the connector, yet it was never attached to either card. Where is the toggle switch on yours?
  5. The answer: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...5424#post685424
  6. With Jason's help we isolated it to a bad FDC. One of the memory slots was also questionable, & the ULI BIOS was a little flaky. I RMA'd the board, & shipped it back last night. Hopefully I get a solid board back.
  7. Jason, I was able to eventually get to the BIOS screen with multiple BIOS clearings & by switching to a 6600GT card. I immediately switched back to the X1950 card & it posts. The first screen (blk&wht) says Award BIOS v6.OOPG. At the bottom it says 04/25/2006-RD580-M1575-6A7K9D49C-00. I don't know if this is what you wanted. Currently I can get to the Award BIOS & the ULI M1575 RAID BIOS. Everything is set to load the XP CD. It seems the data is going through the floppy drive to the motherboard & not working out from then. Does the floppy drive route the data straight to the ULI chip when you F6 the floppy when loading XP? The BIOS is set to seek the floppy at start up, & the FDC is enabled.
  8. I can't load the ULI floppy during initial XP set up. I hit F6 & enter after it asks for the floppy, it waits a few seconds, & then it just keeps asking for the FD to be loaded. I've tried 2 floppy drives, 2 cables, & 3 floppy disks from different sources. BIOS is set to seek floppy on boot, & the FDC is enabled in the BIOS. It just seems like it wont accept or store the data. Would this qualify as having trouble with the ULI RAID controller?
  9. I think I have this pretty much isolated to the floppy disks, floppy drive, & cable being okay, but the data is not being retained or reaching where it is supposed to go. FWIW, I tried 3 different sources for the ULI RAID drivers.
  10. I just added the floppy drive to another system & was able to format & write a floppy. I checked the data on the floppy & it's all there. It's not the floppy drive or the cable that's bad.
  11. If the cable is backward it keeps the light constantly on for the floppy. I set both settings on the BIOS page to 1.44 & changed the cable. Next up is to swap out the floppy drive itself. .
  12. I've got it running. Well at least I'm able to get to the BIOS screen. I'm having trouble loading the ULI drivers to control the RAID array. It's a floppy disc error [(40), floppy type mismatch?] The FD goes through all of the motions, light comes on, runs, shuts off, then the screen asks to load the FD again. I enabled the FDC, & set it to look for FD upon boot in the BIOS. Did I miss something?
  13. After working on this for a couple of days I got the BIOS screen to come up with a 6600GT card in place. I then got it to work with the X1950. It says Award BIOS v6.OOPG on the screen. I now have a floppy disk fail warning on the screen. I have the BIOS set with the FDC enabled, & to look for FD on start up enabled. I ran the XP CD, F6 to add the ULI drivers, but it keeps asking tor the drivers again. When I hit F6 the FD light comes on & I can hear it running. It then stops & the light goes out. The screen says to try loading the FD again.
  14. This was done with a minimal set up. CPU, video card, one stick of memory. No HD is hooked up. Monitor shows no signal. What's really frustrating is this board is almost a duplicate of an Abit AN8-32X. Same chip set. I used everything from that system on this one. With the Abit it was POST, change the date in the BIOS, reboot. Run the Windows CD, hit F6, feed it the ULI M1575 drivers from a floppy, remove he floppy when asked, & then let Windows finish its install. There was never a hardware issue. I guess I'm just spoiled by how easy it is to set up an Abit board.
  15. The 24 hour CMOS clear failed. 7F is the final error code.
  16. Glad it worked for someone. I'm still hung up before the initial POST.
  17. Thank you. I will try that site if I ever get an initial POST.
  18. I did as you asked. Minimal set up gets error code 7F. The second attempt shows error code FF. The third went back to 7F.
  19. The OCZ is around a year old. I tried them individually also. The other two brands I bought yesterday. That's six combinations right there.
  20. Yes, over a dozen times. I'm doing a 24 hour clear right now.
  21. OK. I am going to do the 24 hour CMOS clear. I will let you know tomorrow whether it was successful or not around this time. I just tried a ten minute clear. It gives the error code 92 with a repetitive single beep. BTW, I'm using a 256mb stick of Kingston KVR400. It shouldn't be an issue versus 512mb of the same RAM, correct? There are only three power connectors on my board, 24 pin, 4 pin, floppy type.
  22. There are no BIOS settings. It will not POST. I have a monitor that can't find a signal because I've either had a C1, 92, or C0 error code from the motherboard LED display. Some times I get a continuous, rhythmic beep from the motherboard speaker which goes on until I kill the power. Like it can't get all the way through the POST cycle, but keeps on trying in a loop. Sometimes there is no beeping at all. From what I've read there are no OCZ specific BIOS, just that the newer ones are more OCZ friendly. I can't do anything about an updated BIOS until I get an initial POST.
  23. I have no idea what BIOS it is. Whatever DFI flashed to the motherboard is my best answer. I haven't been able to POST & see a BIOS screen yet.
  24. I can't get to the BIOS screen. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72141 That's with trying three different brands of memory. I just need it to POST so that I can update the BIOS to one that is OCZ friendly. I am at the time limit for getting a RMA from New Egg if that is necessary. The other thing I noticed is that these motherboards are drying up for purchase. New Egg doesn't even list them for sale anymore. I wonder if there is a message in that fact. I had to wait for the CPU & cooler to show so that ate in to the 15 day return period. Luckily for me they both came from New Egg.
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