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  1. This has changed with actual usage. I was at 30c at idle for a few days. It has now increased to 40-42c at idle. I'll be looking for another CPU cooler over the next few days.
  2. From what you have posted, it all depends on the orientation of the CPU bracket clips, but more importantly, how the 2 hold down bolts are orientated.
  3. I would have jumped all over that case if it was available when I bought the P180B. The A8N32-SLI Deluxe I picked up last week is much more than I had hoped for after my 1st, only, & last DFI experience.
  4. They don't seem to give a ., I definitely don't give a ., so off to the garbage the garbage (DFI UT CFX3200-DR/G) goes!! Time to start a new build, & this one will be fast because I will be buying a professional product this time.
  5. I was kicking the thought around about what to use on an ASUS A8N32-SLI build. I just decided I had too many coolers around to buy another one. I used the Monsoon II on an Opty 165. It seems to like this processor more than the X2 4800+. The idle temperatures are considerably lower. Cooling different components on the motherboard can create some problems. I have an Abit AN8-32X SLI build to complete. I have decided to use an Arctic Cooler 64 Pro that I have to cool the CPU. The fan cage interferes with the correct usage of a CoolIt Ram Fan. The Ram Fan hits the cage just as it slides over the 3rd stick of Ram. It wont fall off, it's stable enough, should cool all 4 sticks of Ram adequately. The replacement for the POS DFI board is an Abit AN9-32X. With a CoolIt Freezone, The CoolIt Ram Fan wont have a problem fitting over the Ram at all.
  6. I remember someone saying that the Monsoon II was too heavy at almost 2lbs to be hanging off a motherboard. While looking at other air cooling options I came across the Coolermaster Gemini II. It's about the same weight. Is it still a bad option because of this?
  7. We mutually gave up on any hope the transaction would be completed. So, with that development, & the refund from Newegg for the X1950XTX, the MVP is not an option any more. I've got an A8N32-SLI Deluxe, an Opteron 165, 2Gb's of Ballistix PC4000DDR & (2) 7600GT's to play with now that I've decided to make the 939 system my 2nd rig. My primary is going to be based on a Fatal1ty AN9-32X.
  8. Well, if they don't answer my last email by Friday, that will be a full month of ignoring my emails. All I'm looking for is a resolution. At this point only a new LANPARTY UT NF590 SLI-M2R/G will do. I'd still have to invest in new memory & a CPU, so it's not like it wouldn't be costing me anything.
  9. I'm not exactly following you. The same signal gives different results. Even internal tuners with cable card capability don't work 100% either. You may get the same results again with a cable card in place, missing channels.
  10. I just learned something this week that many sales people wont tell you, or don't know. Just because you have a HD set with an internal tuner doesn't mean you can get every channel available. We have 2 new HD sets in the house now. The Visio Plasma gets X amount of channels. The Samsung LCD gets X + 8 channels. The Visio wouldn't go above 106, the Samsung goes in to the 116's. Same signal, different results. Though if it wasn't for the Samsung, we wouldn't know we were being short-changed by the Visio.
  11. I got my hands on an A8N32-SLI Deluxe. I also found a MVP, but I'm having problems getting payment to the seller. Hopefully it will be here by next week.
  12. Well, it's the start of week 3, & of the 3 emails sent, there's been no reply.
  13. I received the Freezone yesterday, but will have to wait until Monday to install it. UPS left the new CPU at the warehouse. This is the 2nd time in a 2 week period they have left a 2nd box at the warehouse on a Friday.
  14. I bought a Freezone from http://www.epowerhousepc.com/coolit-system...oler-p-728.html for $279 tonight. I stumbled across the site about an hour ago. It should be here Friday. If you want one, grab it before midnight. It was a 3 day sale ending tonight.
  15. Sounds good. I found an A8N32-SLI Deluxe & an A8R-32 MVP. The MVPs are hard to come by, but can be found on Ebay.
  16. No answer after 5 business days. I will resend the email & hope they have the decency to reply & help me out with this 3rd defective MB.
  17. I emailed DFI on Sunday evening & today will be business day #5 waiting for an answer. They always got back to me the next day on the first two RMAs. I'm average one motherboard a month at the rate these fail.
  18. How are the MVPs holding up for you? I'm thinking about grabbing one for backup considering I'm averaging one CFX-3200DR/G a month. I need to have something to use in its absence.
  19. There have been many problems with Sharp & some kind of visible banding that is a defect in the design. Sharp was always an entry level company when it came to electronics. You could always count on Sharp to be the cheapest TV in the store in every size, & the picture quality reflected this. Samsung has some of the best HD LCDs, but the performance is reflected in the price. It seems it comes down to the old adage of you get what you pay for.
  20. I just emailed DFI about the problems I've encountered. The last MB,#3, lasted about 6 weeks before it died. 4 MB's in a 3 month period is not good.
  21. By the right case, do you mean one that a lot of interior work space? When you say dual radiator do you mean a larger singe radiator with (2) 120mm fans on it? Or would that be 2 separate radiators?
  22. You had previously stated that the Monsoon II was the only cooler you had success with on an X2 4800+ OCing to over 3GHz. Is the statement above for all of the other processors, or has something happened since you made that statement? I agree that the sound of the fan is irritating, but I think it's the pitch of the 92mm fan. A 120mm fan would probably be a better choice. If the rest of your system has loud fans, I doubt it would be an issue.
  23. I'm currently using a laptop. My signature is fairly correct with the possible exception of the CPU cooler. I intend to have 2 working X1950's in Crossfire when they are finally replaced.
  24. I had an idea something might be wrong when I tried to RMA the 1st MB back to Newegg. They were out of them & offered a refund instead. That tells me they weren't going to carry them anymore. Why is that? I sent it back to DFI instead. It had a FDC issue. So did the next one. The 3rd MB didn't have any issues for the short time I've had it. The ULI controller crapped out recently. Tough to run those Raptors w/o it. Remember, the last 2 MB's came directly from DFI.
  25. Swiftech has a how to .pdf here: http://www.swiftnets.com/products/MCW6500-...ation_guide.pdf
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