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  1. I'm going to retest the Ballistix DDR over the next few days. If it performs better than the G.Skill F1 PC3200 I will keep it in the system. If not, it goes in to my Linux system. The G.Skill is running DDR522 with timings of 2.5-3-3-6-1T @ 2.8v.
  2. You'll need to get your hands on another CPU that is known to be good. It will then either work or not work. If it works, it was the CPU, if it doesn't work, it was the motherboard. Did you try to reset the BIOS? Sometimes if the MB is over clocked too much, it wont POST the BIOS.
  3. Just received the RMA, so I now have to find another large box to create a double boxed package.
  4. That's all the MB will give me anyway. It's an Asus A8N-SLI. The Freezone allows you to punish the CPU voltage-wise to find your peak speed. I have pushed close to 1.8v through an Opteron 165 just to find out if my peak was held back by not enough voltage. The core temps never got above 40c. That was on an Asus A8N 32-SLI. BTW, anything above 1.65v showed no improvement.
  5. Got a quick reply from CoolIt last night, & responded with requested info. Hopefully I will here from them tonight.
  6. My mistake. I was staring right at it. I have the X2 3800+ running @ 2.75GHz with 1.5v. I really haven't tried to push it very hard yet. HSF is an old Zalman CNPS7000-AlCu from back in the day. P180B case with the 3 factory fans on low. OCZ PC4800 DDR. I have no idea what the core temps are because it's a Linux box made from what ever spare parts I had left over from days past.
  7. I e-mailed them today. Hopefully they will hook me up with a RMA #.
  8. I'll download them & give them a try.
  9. I've got a 2nd Freezone on another system & it works great. Keeps core temps much lower than any air cooled HSF has ever done for me, even when over-volting the CPU substantially.
  10. I was able to crank the voltage up to 1.75v & run 3dMark 2003 completely. I received a score @ 3006 GHz. The CoolIt Freezone kept the cores around 40c. It then crashed with a blue error screen when I asked another program to come up with the results of 3Dmark still on the desktop. From what I've read, that's a memory fault. I was running the OCZ PC4800 with very loose timings at the time. There's not much more I can do about the memory because it was the fastest DDR made. I'm going to try to get a max stable OC with tight timings & then try the same with the Ballistix PC4000.
  11. I learned earlier today that there is an overvoltage setting in the BIOS. http://www.nordichardware.com/Reviews/?page=6&skrivelse=478 It adds .2v to whatever you set manually for voltage. I have a max of 1.7625v available.
  12. That's really about the only adjustment left. I can swap everything around. If the results are the same or better I can just leave it alone at that point. I'd hate to swap everything around a 2nd time.
  13. I've got 2 motherboards (Abit AN8-32X SLI & Asus A8N-32 SLI Deluxe) with the same chipset. On the Asus I haven't been able to get past 325 on the HTT, & memory speed doesn't seem to be related. I can use 100,133,166 on the divider & it will still boot. HTT divider at 3 or less doesn't change things either. Total HTT speed never was above 975. I'm using an Opteron 165 & CoolIt Freezone, & have tried DDR500 Ballistix, & DDR600 OCZ Plat EL with the same end results. The Ballistix seems to be more repeatable, but I get stuck just short of 3GHz. Max recomended voltage was used on the DDR. I've tried up to 1.55v on the Opteron. Is there a ceiling when it comes to the NF4 HTT/FSB? The only difference in the BIOS of the boards is the Asus allows overvoltage of the HTT & chipset, maxes DDR at 3.2v, & CPU at 1.56v. The Abit allows no overvoltage of the HTT & chipsets, gives DDR 3.2v, & maxes the CPU out at 1.80v. If I use the Abit instead I need to tear 2 computers apart to swap boards. Could adding more voltage to the CPU, up to 1.8v, be enough to break the 3GHz barrier?
  14. The pump started to leak between where the 2 halves join after a few days of use. I thought there wasn't enough coolant in the lines when I started out, but it seemed to work fine. Core temps weren't as good as some others had stated, but they were better than the Vigor Monsoon II. It took a few days, but I noticed Core Temp was giving me readings about 10 degrees higher than normal. I left the side panel off so I could monitor for coolant leakage. There had been none after 2 days of prolonged usage. I looked inside the case & saw a pool of coolant. I powered down & unplugged the system. I need to contact them for a RMA.
  15. Fedora 7 looks like it's the proper distribution for the job. Nvidia has the Linux SLI driver available. It looks like it's my lack of knowledge that is keeping me from getting this done.
  16. We have finally gotten a decent signal from Comcast. There was an issue of 8-10 channels disappearing after 7 PM, & the rest degrading considerably for months. After many neighborhood visits, they found the problem(s). I definitely prefer the Samsung's HD picture over the Vizio, but with the disclaimer that the Sammy was more than double the price of the Vizio. Vizio gives you a lot for the money. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you can bring back a set, after an in home audition, if it doesn't make you happy. There are just too mant variables in each neighborhood, for everyone to get the same results with the same equipment.
  17. I couldn't get the RAID function to work. I reloaded XP MCE. It will have to do. Fedora 7 stays on my single SATA HD rig.
  18. I'd like to enable both video cards in SLI using the NF4 chipset on the motherboard. I'd also like to enable the NV RAID chipset. I was able to load Fedora 7 on a single SATA HD yesterday. That was more than some of the other distros allowed. I'll try to enable the RAID chipset today.
  19. I've run through a bunch of Linux distro CD's & DVD's over the past week. The only one that even mentions RAID is Fedora 7. At least it's a start towards one objective. I'll be testing it out this week to see if it indeed does RAID. Hopefully SATA RAID & not IDE.
  20. I found another HD I had installed XP on when I first purchased it. I swapped it in & had to call MS to reactivate it. I now have the Nvidia control panel fully functioning along with Coolbits 2.0 installed.
  21. Is there a version available I can use to aquire both of these based on Nvidia chipsets?
  22. I hear ya & feel your pain. I gave up after DFI refused to comunicate with me about returning a 3rd defective board. The 1st, retail purchase, was not replaceable by Newegg because they had dropped the model over high defect rates. The next 2 were hand picked by DFI. The 1st of those was defective right out of the box. The 2nd failed within days of installation. Then silence when it came to another RMA. I was about to buy an Asus MVP board, but then the X1950's both turned out to be defective. Newegg refunded the purchase price & I went with an Asus/Nvidia board. I just used a pair of Nvidia cards I had on hand. I've always been an Abit user, but I'm impressed by what Asus offers. From now on, it will only be Abit or Asus for me.
  23. Another family member purchased a Vizio 47" plasma. When compared to a 40" Samsung LCD, the main difference is that the Samsung captures more cable channels than the Vizio. Even when punching in ###-### manually, the Vizio wont receive those channels. There are 8-10 channels missing from the Vizio at this point.
  24. The True Image CD showed in the mail yesterday. I grabbed the My Book last night. Good thing as it's $199 today.
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