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  1. Hi, I've been having the following issue for quite some time now. I would randomly get a system freeze every day a couple of times. But some days, there would be no freezes. I tried to see if I could isolate the problem but still could not. In fact, I even encountered a lockup while I was in the BIOS menu changing some settings! Then today, I decide to do a low level format (by writing zeros to HD) and reinstall everything. Problem persists. So here's what I know: 1) Random lock ups (no restart or BSOD), forces me to restart. 2) Encountered a lock up while in BIOS menu. 3) The only warning in Event Viewer log is "TCP/IP" maximum connections. 4) The only error in Event Viewer log is "PerfNet". 5) The above 2 points cannot obviously contribute to the freeze because they occur several minutes before it actually freezes. 6) I loaded the ULI drivers found on the DFI site during the WinXP install (F6). Then after I finished installing, I installed the ULI 2.20 drivers I found off their website. 7) In my BIOS, I have enabled 10% Extra Current for PCI-E. I have also set a 130W Power Draw Limit for GFX Slot 0 (Where my GFX card lies). 8) I have tried slots 2/4 and 1/3 for memory and both seems to show no difference. Hopefully that is enough information for someone to diagnose. Thank you, Stephen
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