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  1. I have tryed changing the account name in the windows registry maybe I can change the ingame name
  2. i have an unnattended windows and i can't enter my name so the default pc name is "Administrator" so when I play this game in coop my name is "administrator" does somebody nows how to change my name in the game? I wan't my real name! thanks !
  3. lol, didn't noticed the hamachi channel
  4. GDS clan, actually cal south america bf2 champion has a 20slots server located in tampa bay, florida. If u need it for something just tell me ps: u can locate me on xfire (necromancerbf) or msn ([email protected])
  5. Just looking a core 2 duo e6600 with a very good stepping. I prefer a new one but it can be used too. It has to be shipped to argentina. thx!
  6. i have finished the story in coop mode with some of bf2 friends. We played a lot with the hamachi. If someone that plays this game well and want to play with us just add me to the msn or xfire. We all speak english we are 3 always with very good teamplay. msn: [email protected] xfire: necromancerbf thanks and i wish we can play a while.
  7. i have only one question.. what is the difference between an ide dvd burner and a sata one ?
  8. i play bf2. actually CAL LEAGUE South American BF2 Champion. any help u need just tell me my xfire: necromancerbf
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