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  1. I am currently running SP2 (have done for some time) so can I assume it aleady has the USB2 drivers installed? Is there a way to check? Thanks.
  2. Thankyou so much. I did read some specs and was 99% sure it was USB2 but then read some forum entries saying people had to update their BIOS to get it and all sorts of stuff I simply don't fancy trying I appreciate the speedy response.
  3. I am a newbie when it comes to computers so this may appear as an obvious question to many of you. I wish to buy a USB2 webcam and want to know if my board will run it at USB2 speeds or will I need to buy a PCI card or hub to achieve those speeds. I have four rear mounted and two front mounted ports. I don't imagine it makes a difference but my case is a P180. I will try to find out anything else you need to know so please ask. Thanks.
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