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  1. Yes, sure! Last attempt will be with another card in the first slot. If it doesn't work either, the it's definitely the motherboard! :sad:
  2. Definitely yes! Cleaned the slot with a soft brush, so I think it's ok. As far as I can tell, the card is sitting properly in the slot...
  3. Finally I came to clear that the vga card is working as I have it perfectly running on the second pci-e slot so I guess I can as well conclude that the ram are perfectly working as well. But unfortunately this is not an acceptable solution as the heatsink prevents me from using both the pci slots (and I need both of them). Besides, I keep wondering why the first slot should not be working! Any idea? When I place the card in the first slot, the boot sequence stops at the last led. Could it be that the motherboard is faulty? Thanx!!
  4. Any other idea why the vga should not work on the first pci-e slot and work flawlessly on the second? I can't keep the system this way as unfortunately I need both the pci slots!
  5. Finally got a bit of time to make more extensive tests. The system works good if I move the card to the other pci-e slot. I'm investigating the pic-e bus settings, otherwise I must conclude that the vga board touches the chipset fan and doesn't make contact properly in the slot Should that be the matter, is there any smaller chipset cooler that anyone knows of? Anyone has ax ati x1900xt and had the same problem? Thanx!!
  6. Hey, must have found it! Just tried to power the rig without the vga card, and I get the same damn response: last led on and a long beep! Hope it doesn't mean the vga card is fried as I paid it quite an helluva of money! :confused:
  7. Guys, I thought I stated it clearly enough: I'm doing all my attempts with just ONE stick of g.skill ram into slot DDR n°2 (orange one, near the edge of the board). Of course the stick, when put into my old rig, works flawlessly. Maybe I should modify the sign Needless to say, I've installed enough rigs since I was 16 to go through the boring process of unplugging the system from the wall each time :nod: As for the bios settings, I still haven't been lucky enough to get to see the bios (or even have my monitor acknoledge it has a pc attached!). I can't get the system to start the POST process, as it gets stuck with that last damn led on! :mad: Left the pc under "hyper long" clear and it's been like that since yesterday evening. Will try again tonight after almost 36 hours
  8. Sure' date=' but according to the leds it passes the ram check. Also, the stick I tried works flawlessy on my previous rig. Looks like it is time to play with your DRAM settings. Don't chase your tail on this.. Start with a single stick of DDRAM in the DDR1 or DDR2. slot.[/quote'] Would love to, if the blessed motherboard would let me see anything on my monitor and let me into the bios. I'm already trying with a single stick (tccd chip) on the DDR2 slot. Of course I'm doing all my attempts without the soundcard, just cpu, 1 stick of ram and vga. Unfortunately I don't have another pci-e board nor another vga card around, will hopefully get to see a friend of mine these days and make different tests.
  9. I see you have the same vga card...does anyone know of know issues between dfi lanparty NF4 Ultra and ati's x1900xt?
  10. Already tried a couple times, both on a temporary setup and seating the motherboard in the case (the ATI heatsink is quite heavy, thought it might make the card "fall" on one side) and still getting the same result. Of course I checked the power supply to the card...
  11. Damn, the 24 cmos clear did not work, I still get the long beep and the last led stays lit... May I start suspecting the vga card is failing?
  12. The monitor is working flawlessy when connected to my old computer. Only doubt is about the dvi-vga adapter, but that's brand new! Already tried to switch dvi port with the same result. As for the memory...it's working perfectly on my older pc, and anyway it's read as pc3200 before you start working with timings and speed... Will try the complete clear sequence of 24 hours without the battery then...
  13. Hi all, just spent most of the night going through the several threads on this forum, yet I can't come up with a solution for what seems to be a common problem... To make it short, the new build in my signature doesn't post. I triple checked the power connections and the vga card seating correctly in the first pic-e slot and the sli jumpers being set for the correct slot, but when I power up the system I still get one long beep, the last led on, and no signal at all to my monitor. Also tried a several hours cmos clear, only thing to try there is removing the battery completely... Obviously I can't get to the bios to flash a new version or change starting sequences and the likes as I can't get any signal out to the monitor. Was thinking about the power supply being not powerfull enough to power the vga card, but damn!, it's one of the best out there rating 18A on both 12v 1 & 2... Thanx for any advice!!!
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