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  1. Hey man I really appreciate the response. I went in and it was already turned all the way up. I decided to turn it down to around medium to see if that did anything and it worked! I returned it to the highest position and it still works fine. I have another problem now though. I installed the latest sound drivers from the DFI site and now my sound is very choppy. If anyone has any ideas about the sound choppiness or the LAN not working, I would love to hear your ideas. Once again any help is appreciated and thanks beforehand.
  2. About a week ago I had problems connecting to the internet and got a pop up from the taskbar that said "Limited or no Connectivity." I did all fixes I found on the internet to no avail. The cat5 cable running into the computer worked fine, but I just couldn't connect. I decided that a reformat was inline because I thought it had to do with an error with SP2. After the reformat I found out that it was in fact not an error with SP2 when I tried to connect to the internet and had the same problem again. My buddy let me use an extra ethernet card he had and everything worked just fine. Since then I haven't had any problems (except that the onboard LAN wasn't working) until today. I was using Ventrilo when suddenly my microphone cut out mid conversation. I figured I tapped the switch on my headset or maybe it came loose from the jack. After checking all physical connections (I tried the jacks on the rear and on the front of my case) I tried looking through everything in "Sound Devices" in the Control Panel and the Realtek HD Audio Manager. I decided to check for new CFX3200 audio drivers. I installed the latest one to find out that my mic still wouldn't work. Also, I did try multiple headsets that did in fact work on my other computer. My specs are in my sig. If anyone needs to know any additional information to help me troubleshoot my problem I would greatly appreciate the help. Any help at all is appreciated, thanks beforehand.
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