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  1. Angry ; The epic post above is truly what I'd hoped to hear, as I'd mentioned earlier via e-mail. This is my favorite site on the web. I learn daily, and get a laugh or two from all the people who who banter back and forth, in the American language (as opposed to English ... ...). I love Momma's word-o-de-day. There's been a coupla times I just had to reply ... please don't tell her where I live ( it's w/in a day's drive!!!) ... I don't want her to come out here and thump on me. There's a lot of things I'd like to try, and I get a lot of help and encouragement from this forum. Someday (soon, I hope), I'll be able to contribute what I've learned.
  2. ...that makes our opinion worthy? maybeit's that y'all got the brass balls to stand in front of 27,500 people and take (and give!) flak.
  3. ...Oh General. You were sooooo right on with your use of 'consequence'. I'm such a dinasaur ... I managed to stay in the States during the SE Asian 'conflict' of the 60's and 70's ... but saw first-hand the consequence of war, as the vet's rotated 'out'. I can't help but think of an anti-war ad that screened during that time. The premise of the ad was two leaders ... seventies ...tottering ... stumbling thru a field ... and fighting, hand-to-hand, to settle their dispute. Why couldn't Geo. W. just have flown over there and duked it out w/Saddam ... fifteen rounds ... last man standing. Given that premise, Ali ... the most famous draft-dodger of the Sixties, would have become our President in the Seventies, and we wouldn't have had to go thru all the B (expletive deleted: substitute 'bio-solids') w/Nixon. ...and nobody would have given us any guff for at least 20 years!!! De La Hoya for President in 2008! ...?...
  4. Longview is about 40 mi N of Portland OR ... the home of Intel. That's why I run AMD's ... I've always been a lil' contrary, but my logic processes tend to make me think that if Dell runs Intel, and Dell's are [email protected]#$ (expletive deleted: read biosolids) ... maybe I'm not so contrary after all!
  5. I think that's where I'm leaning ... it's stock speed is faster, and I only plan on about a 10% OC ... mainly just to see if I can do it, and then later this year drop about 12 Ben's on a real gamer ... prob'ly w/ an Opti 165. Gotta live w/in my means, and still get baby a new pair of shoes, y'know...
  6. I'm thru crawling, and I want to at least walk. That's why I'm gonna have the Egg ship me a LANPARTY UT nF4-D on Friday. But I dunno whether I wanna fill that nine hundred and thirty-nine pin socket with a Sandy 3700+ or an Opti 144. I know I'll hafta get a matched pair of RAM (I'm died-in-the-wool Kingston ... and stubborn to boot!) and a PCI-e vid card, but that can wait until I pay the rent. I will NOT use dual vid cards in this system. This major upgrade will live in my signature system ... the Ghetto Box, and I'll pass on the 754 assembly to my buddy, who still thinks his PIII system rocks. Can ya tell me which CPU you'd pick, and why? Thanks!!!
  7. I catch a lotta flack for reading ALL sorts of manuals ... but (like A-G) when they come around and ask if I can fix it, the answer is always predicated upon whether or not they can hand me the manual. No bookie, no fixee. It's not that I have less testosterone. I just wanna try to figure what the engineers (sorry for cursing ...please don't boot me for the 'E' word) had in mind, and try to do it their way b/4 I grab the 3# drilling hammer and smash it to oblivion.
  8. I've worked all nite and finally have the eon lights installed in my case. Now, to power 'em up... ...aww, mom, whadda mean I gotta go sit in the corner ... again?
  9. ...I dunno. I've got two sticks of double-sided 512Mb KVR in my nF3-250. I know, I know ... it barely qualifies, but, hey! It works. Sig says it all.
  10. I'm just a PSU (1 week away) from stuffing an X800 into my 'ghetto box'. I scored the card on the bay for 3 Andy's...just threw out a bid on a lark when I saw how high 850's were goin' for. I'm kinda anxious to see the bump in performance. I AM looking ... puzzling out ... researching a S939 build sometime during the 2d qtr of next year (why 939? ...baby needs a new pair of shoes!) ...but for now, and for several more years to come, my lil' ghetto box will do an admirable job ... even with the old, out-moded AGP platform. Why? Because I can do all I want to do on it ... and I'm happy with it. This is my first build in almost thirty years ... and the step-up in performance from that ol' Intel 4004 just blows me away!
  11. ...so I searched all thru my bios for memtest and couldn't find it, but I thought (and rightly so!) that I'd seen a link to something like that in one of Happy Games ramblings. I downloaded Memtest86 3.20 and ran it for four hours without a hitch. I also found something called Prime95 ... downloaded it, too ... but will hafta do some more research on that particular program. It seems to me that others use it as a benchmark ... thought I would, too. I'm leaning towards a Hiper PSU in the 580W range ... and baring total hiss and boos will install it b/4 I try the audio/visual upgrades. After reflection, it just makes sense. Thanks for all your input. You've really helped me sort thru things! ...also reread your edit to last night's post and will give it all a try ... thanks again!!!
  12. ...oops. Sorry. Wasn't sure I'd gotten thru the first time. Will do ASAP and let ya know. Thanks!!!
  13. ...naw. haven't run memtest. Heck, I just found this forun a coupla days ago and am whelmed (NOT overwhelmed) at all the info and data I've assimilated in the brief amount of time. Can you steer me to a link for the memtest?
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