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  1. Its all working fine! Spinrite fixed it all up and all my data is safe. Thanks for your help once again ExRoadie. For anyone else having data loss problems, try Spinrite first. It really does work, and really well too.
  2. Thanks for your reply ExRoadie (and a special thanks for your guide on the Pencil Mod ). That was my backup :sad:, but yes I will try Spinrite and then another computer if that fails. I'll post back ASAP with the results.
  3. Recently i got SLI. After I installed the SLI graphics cards, and used the bridge, set the jumpers etc. and tried to boot into windows, there was a problem. After the Windows XP loading screen, the black screen between that, and the 'Loading your personal settings screen' took about 2 minutes to get past. at the time I didnt really care as once Windows was loaded, everything worked fine. It has been working like that for about 2 weeks now, but today, after numerous warnings from Diskeeper that one of my hard drives had a dskcheck pending (which never seemed to happen), I decided to run one from Windows anyway. It said I needed to restart for Windows to have access to everything on that drive. This is when things started to go wrong. After reboot, it didnt do dskcheck and my account was logged on. I went to my computer and found that the drive had the label Local Disk, which isnt what I had set before. After looking at the properties of the drive I also found out that its filesystem is RAW. I don't know whats wrong, but all I know is that I need everything on that drive (photos, music, schoolwork and other personal stuff. Please help me recover my stuff from this drive. The drive is a Samsung SpinPoint SP2014N. Thanks in advance.
  4. OK thanks for that. So there is no way to make the bottom slot run at 16x? And with my 6600GT will I loose any performance? (not that it is a performance card anyway). Thanks
  5. My graphics card is in the second slot on my DFI NF4 Ultra-D Motherboard at 2x speed. Anyone know how to fix this? I have a Big Typhoon so running it in the first slot is kind of hard. thanks in advance.
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