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  1. I will try a bit higher on the ram voltage. Right now i am at 4 hours with the prime2004 stress test without a problem. upped ram voltage to 2.1, tried an NEC cdrom drive, and no boot from the ultimatebootcd, and i get a blue screen on 2 out of 3 windows xp cds.
  2. I am just now assembling this system and it has been a headache for me. Initially using a prior drive i had laying around (maxtor 60gb pata drive) i was able to go part way through a windows install, but upon reboot the drive was always corrupted, though it worked fine on any other system I have once it was fully formatted. Tried to install 3 times on that drive with the same results. I then tried to boot with an Ultimatebootcd and was unable to though my other 3 systems here booted fine with it. I then flashed to the most recent bios dated 8/9/06, and set memory latency to to 5-5-5 to match the spec on the ram. I upped cpu voltage to 1.275. I then tried to boot with a memtester86 floppy and had no success even with different disks and downloads. I then tried the Ultimateboodcd again and no boot. I also tried removing one drive, and trying the drives on different channels, ports etc. In eery case I received an unable to boot error with the CD (though as i said before it works fine on my main system) and the floppy boot just goes nuts. I did manage to boot from a windows cd and get a copy of XP on an ancient 10GB hard drive. I am now running the orthos prime2004 stress test in a custom setup and it has been stable for over 2 hours so far. it baffles me though that I cannot boot from any cd but a windows cd so far, or that the floppies dont work, or that the 60gb maxtor drive constantly is corrupted (ntdll.dll is the particualr file). Any suggestions on anything I can change in bios or maybe somethign that I am doing wrong being overlooked? i appreciate it! I would also like to add that i have read through the forums as much as I could the past 2 days before posting, so if i missed something good that may help me please feel free to let me know!