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  1. Ok... it's me again... I've just tried and everything works perfectly ! It goes like you guys said... black wire is -, and yellow wire is 12V + Another one... can I plug wires from 2 or 3 lights inside only one molex connector or I have to use separate connectors for each neon light ? Regards ! ..:: S.Z.C ::..
  2. Thanks guys for your kind replies. I knew that you'll help me... Sorry I'm being so stupid, but could anyone send a photo of molex connector and also tell me where should I plug in that connector ? I just moved to Canada from Europe, so please have patience with my english language. It would be great if someone can send at least a hand drawing or scheme "how to connect". I left that 4" neon light to work inside my car for 5 hours (I was traveling) and I didn't notice any heat around the light. When I touched it, it was almost cold... Regards to all !!! ..:: S.Z.C ::..
  3. Hello to everybody ! I have one question for you guys... Is it possible to convert 4" Neon light for car (12V) to work inside computer case ? I'm asking this 'cause I have few 4" 12V blue lights for car, and I want to put those in my PC case. I sent a photo in attachment. It suppose to be pluged into cigarete lighter in car (12V). What should I do to make it work inside my PC case ? If it's possible, please send a picture (scheme) what should I do to convert it... Thanks in advance !!! P.S. You guys rulez !!! Sasha
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