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  1. After pulling the Antec PSU and replacing it w/ the OCZ, the machine booted up fine. Both sticks of memory were OK, and are installed. While waiting for the new PSU to arrive I did some more research. Looks like Antec HEs have a lot of problems, especially with the nForce4 chipset. DFI and Asus boards seem to have the highest incidence of complaints. One online survey ( ) indicated that >40% of users experienced failures, dead PSUs or failure to post.


    Folks on this board know their stuff. Thanks to all who posted suggestions and comments.

  2. After running a DFI based machine happily for 2 years, I am putting an SLI machine together (unit 2 in sig). I've got it assembled (minimal config) but can't get it to post. Symptoms: When power is turned on, standby light comes on. When power switch is pressed, mem LED lights, and all 4 red LEDs come on. No fans start anywhere. Tried the usual steps (disconnected everything possible to get minimal setup, discharged CMOS, all 3 power points connected). I thought I had gotten a sufficient PSU, but suspect it's too weak, so am waiting for a relacement (OCZ 700W). From what I've read on this forum, that looks likely. Any other ideas? (I would suspect the MPU connection, except no fan power whatsoever).

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