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  1. I finally realized that my current mpu is really showing its age when I tried to play Crysis. Not playable. I have anoter new machine w/ a Core Duo quad mpu that plays great. Based on what I've read so far, Crysis really taxes the processor a lot more than the GPU. I'm curious; what's the max supported socket 775 MPU for this board?
  2. After pulling the Antec PSU and replacing it w/ the OCZ, the machine booted up fine. Both sticks of memory were OK, and are installed. While waiting for the new PSU to arrive I did some more research. Looks like Antec HEs have a lot of problems, especially with the nForce4 chipset. DFI and Asus boards seem to have the highest incidence of complaints. One online survey ( ) indicated that >40% of users experienced failures, dead PSUs or failure to post. Folks on this board know their stuff. Thanks to all who posted suggestions and comments.
  3. Yes, it's the expert board. The dram stick is in the slot furthest away from the mpu. I'll try a long CMOS clear today before the new psu arrives. Thanks.
  4. CPU is new, Newegg had a bundle on CPU and Mobo. Did not see any problems inserting it and adding heatsink/fan. After testing effects of new PSU, next step is to reseat CPU and heatsink. Right now I have only one stick of DRAM in first orange slot. Haven't tried swapping out other stick or putting another brand.
  5. After running a DFI based machine happily for 2 years, I am putting an SLI machine together (unit 2 in sig). I've got it assembled (minimal config) but can't get it to post. Symptoms: When power is turned on, standby light comes on. When power switch is pressed, mem LED lights, and all 4 red LEDs come on. No fans start anywhere. Tried the usual steps (disconnected everything possible to get minimal setup, discharged CMOS, all 3 power points connected). I thought I had gotten a sufficient PSU, but suspect it's too weak, so am waiting for a relacement (OCZ 700W). From what I've read on this forum, that looks likely. Any other ideas? (I would suspect the MPU connection, except no fan power whatsoever).
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