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  1. I'm looking to build a new machine soon and I want it to be a Photoshop performer. I am looking for a standalone RAM drive (example: http://www.ncixus.com/products/16611/GC-RAMDISK/Gigabyte/ ). In my searching, I have found 2. That one above, and one made by ACARD (ANS 9010). I want to use something like this for a scratch drive, and I was wondering if anyone here new about any other than these two; particularly, does someone make a PCI-E RAM drive/disk/card/whatever. Everytime I search, the closest thing I find are flash-based SSD's. Question number two (maybe should ask this first), would it be worth it? The RAM itself is no problem, so I'm just looking at the cost of the card itself. Would it make a significant difference? Thanks guys!
  2. What is your timeline? I'm hoping to build a new machine for christmas. If you can wait till then, you can have my Athlon X2 3800+ for your socket 939. Just gotta wait till I build my new comp, since that chip is in this one
  3. http://www.slashfilm.com/2008/04/06/uwe-bo...ion-signatures/ sign the petition. hold him to his word!
  4. holy crap, ''lengthy post of the month award'' goes to bowtie anyways, i like guinness (extra stout ftw. now go have a carbomb) and newcastle if i want something lighter than guinness. i don't particularly like it WARM, but it tastes best if you let it get to just below room temp
  5. a year since reinstall (stupid windows crashed during an update, and windows wouldnt boot at all after that till i reinstalled ), prolly over two since reformat (that is coming soon, but i'm still saving movies, etc to dvd's)
  6. aww damnit, stupid computer.... unchecked, rechecked and that fixed it....for like ten minutes......:confused: stupid windows oh well, my taskbar is more important than tooltips, i guess i'll just get over it
  7. well, that sorta fixed it, until i maximize a window i rechecked the box, but now the popups are back in front :shrug: oh well, its fixed. thanks!
  8. something stupid, when i hover my mouse over any of the icons in the lower-right corner, the popup box comes up behind the taskbar. see attachment to see what i mean. any idea how to fix it, so i can actually read these thing? thanks!
  9. i was just bored and wanted the screen to pop out at me this . worked fine when i used it a few years ago as for the kvm, all i want to do is be able to use my roommates monitor for my comp or for his. Except for the switch not working without plugging it into a PS/2 port (for power) and needing a keyboard to switch modes. As for the KVM switches that just use a button on the switch itself, do you guys know of one that does NOT need to be plugged into a ps/2 port for power? maybe one with it's own powersupply or just doesnt need one? it only needs to swap monitor inputs; i don't need to swap keyboard/mouse inputs
  10. i have another question at this point (i've been breaking out my old toys lately ) i busted out my x3d glasses and downloaded the nvidia stereo drivers and installed this old x3d software. the glasses work and the test in the x3d program works, but when i'm playing any games, the glasses are still working but there is no stereo separation on screen. any of you guys familiar with this crap?
  11. I have a pair of 7600GS's, one output to each monitor, everything is working fine. Here's my problem: if i am playing a fullscreen game on the primary monitor, i can't sling my mouse to the secondary monitor without alt-tabbing out. anyone know how to counter this? the second monitor is still working, and whatever i have open on it still works, just can't bring mouse to that desktop. on a side note: i'm using a kvm switch to determine which computer feeds to the second monitor (mine or the roommate's). this one switches inputs by hitting scroll-lock twice, but if i switch the input for that monitor back to my roommates computer, i lose the keyboard input to MY computer. how can i fight this?
  12. I have a pair of 256mb XFX 7600GS's. Tested separately, both cards work fine, and in single card mode, both cards work fine at once. I swapped PCI-E jumpers to SLI (2,3), popped in SLI bridge, and set SLI aperture to auto in bios. Computer seems to boot fine, windows loading screen (black screen with logo and loading bar) comes up, then I lose signal to monitor. I know that Windows (x64) IS booted, because if i wait a few minute, then hit power switch then type 'U' the comp shuts down normally, i just can't see anything. I've installed and reinstalled drivers off nvidia website, no luck. Windows just doesn't get video unless i swap jumpers back to normal. I DO have video in safe mode; I tried redoing drivers in safe mode, but when i reset and load normally, i lose video after loading screen as usual. I have 600w PS Any ideas/help appreciated!
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