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  1. Awesome! Remember though, these SMP clients are still in Beta so sometimes there might be problems such as you completing 99% of the WU and then it dies and you get no credit or anything. I haven't had any problems with the SMP clients personally but other people on this forum have had a couple difficulties. It seems that more complications have resulted from the WinSMP client rather than the Linux SMP client. This is just a forewarning.
  2. Splave, make sure you have your clock in Ubuntu synced up. Sometimes if you don't have it synced it can cause problems. Also, VMware Tools not being installed is not a problem. I don't have VMware Tools installed on mine.
  3. This is one of the WU's where I think the CPU's Cache makes a difference. I think he has an Opteron 1212 which has 2x1mb Cache. My Opteron 165 at 2.7Ghz would do about 21.5 min/frame, Now it's at 2.88Ghz and it does about 19.5 min/frame. I've seen members on other forums post times with identical CPU times just different cache sizes and the times will vary by about 1 - 3 minutes per frame, part of it might be due to RAM but I believe that the Cache size does have an impact on [email protected]
  4. It shouldn't take that long. If your Opteron is at 2.8Ghz it should take ~20min/frame. Can you post up a screenshot?
  5. Remember, the Q6600 isn't dropping to around $270 until Q3. The projected price drop on the 22nd is to be around $560 I think.
  6. It depends. From what I've seen it looks like PS3's get about 900 PPD give or take. If you are actually going to play games on it and/or watch some Blue Ray DVDS then I say get the PS3. However, if this is just going to be dedicated to folding then for the cost of a PS3 you could get PC components that will definitely out do it (especially after overclocking) for about the same money or less especially after the price cut on the 22nd.
  7. I agree. Super Pi is all well and good if you are benchmarking or doing it for bragging rights. However, I have had quite a few occasions where I have passed 32M and then failed within the first 5 minutes of Orthos.
  8. I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication everyone has put into this team. I know it means a lot to us all and to those that have had these diseases affect their lives in one way or another. I for one, along with others on this forum that have shared their stories, have had my family affected by cancer. I feel that we need to boost our recruitment. Yes, we have been able to attract a few newcomers to fold for the cause but as I look at EOC it shows that there are only approximately 30 users that are currently folding. This forum can do MUCH better than that. There are proper and improper ways to go about recruiting people. I do not want anyone to feel like they are being pushed or pressured into folding for the team. However, I know that by just mentioning the project and how it has the possibilities for bettering society as a whole I have been able to attract a couple people on the forums to start folding. If you have friends or family that you know that might be willing to run the client on their computer (even if it is just the standard no nonsense text only console client), you might want to talk to them and possibly set it up as a service under your username and team 45454. Stats are fun, but the science is what matters most.
  9. Yeah, from my experience it seems like even though Linux SMP and WinSMP are both Beta, the former seems like a more stable client than the latter.
  10. You're running the Linux SMP client in VMware, right? I think what I saw it was mainly for the people who were running the WinSMP client.
  11. It depends. If the work is completed and it's trying to send the results but it's saying it's failed and that it's attempting to retry then it's probably best to leave it alone and let it keep trying to send. I think I saw the other day that some of Stanford's servers were down so a lot of people were getting this.
  12. What is it saying? If it keeps saying the attempt to send work results has failed and that it's retrying it might be because Stanford's servers are down at the moment.
  13. Awesome, are you going to fold with that e6600 too? :drool: Just a word or two of caution. These Folding at Home SMP Work Units are VERY cpu intensive. Orthos stability (depending on how long you run it for) is no complete guarantee of 24/7 [email protected] SMP stability. When you set up the client and run it I suggest that you have it to where you can monitor it every hour or two to make sure things are running okay.
  14. I have a DFI Ultra-D so things might be possibly different. When I shut down my computer from within Windows then only the standby LED will remain lit and then when I turn on my computer the DRAM LED will come on. However, if for whatever reason I go and mess around in my case and turn my PSU off and then turn it back on again then both lights will become lit. I have noticed no ill effects from one or both lights being on.
  15. If this is a dedicated folding rig and you aren't going to be doing anything else on it the most efficient client is native Linux SMP. However, if you need Windows you might want to think about running Linus SMP through VMware. I wrote up a guide here. This is what most of the people on the forum use at the moment. There is no need for you to install XP x64.
  16. My personal opinion would be something that YOU are comfortable with. 50C sounds like a nice round number. If my rig's cpu's temps got that high I would definitely start looking for a better cooling solution or something else. Voltage plays a big part of temps as well. What stepping is the Opteron? Do you plan on overclocking? If so, keep us updated!
  17. Hey fellow folders! It looks like we have another rig that will soon be folding for team 45454 by Splave!
  18. What kind of time frame do you have to fold? For example, can you fold 24/7 or just parts of the day or parts of the week? Knowing information like this can better help us recommend you the type of [email protected] client to run. Also, when you get your highest stable overclock and if you are going to be running [email protected], I suggest running Orthos for longer than just the 8 hrs for the OCDB entry and hell, while you're running Orthos you can go ahead and make an OCDB entry!
  19. Damn, soon tasr is going to be going crazy with the rigs! I really want to see some pictures of the farm. :nod:
  20. Welcome back and congrats on your accomplishment and the 200,000 points!
  21. Top temps is more of what you are comfortable with. It has to do with a combination of what volts you have through it and what cooling. I have an Opteron 165 at ~2.9Ghz with 1.5v with a Zalman 9700 CPU cooler and my load temp is about 42C which I'm fine with. I suggest Orthos. It's basically just Prime95 with a GUI and it automatically launches two threads.
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