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  1. Reelfiles, did you change the configurations on both clients? Also, My VMware + SMP Linux rig just loaded up a new Protein. Protein 2608. According to Stanford's project summary it's worth 1385 points. I have yet to complete a few frames so I don't know what the frame times are but I will report back.
  2. Stanford doesn't support running the WinSMP client as a service although there are work-arounds for getting it working as a service. If you just answer Yes to installing it as a service when configuring the client you might have problems.
  3. If you are using the SMP you do not need two instances. If you need to restart your computer or turn it off for whatever reason then make sure you stop the client first and then shut the computer down.
  4. EOC only updates every 3 hours. Also, there PPD calculation is more of your PPD calculation over a whole week. So in order for it to really reflect your true PPD you need to have it running for a week or more, otherwise your PPD (according to EOC) will be below what it really is.
  5. Are you talking about the PPD that it is displaying on EOC or are you talking about the frame times in the console?
  6. I believe Prime95 in Linux is called Gimps.
  7. Here is my understanding. The SMP client WU's have VERY short deadlines as I'm sure you're aware of. Most, if not all, of the deadlines are 3 or 4 days. At one point there used to be deadlineless work units but there aren't any anymore. So setting an SMP client (which doesn't have any work units without deadlines) to request work units without deadlines isn't compatible and will cause problems. This is just what I've gathered from readings. I hope this helps explain it a bit.
  8. For those of you who are interested, Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn will be released Thursday.
  9. I think someone has it listed in their FS thread here
  10. I agree. Sometimes it's just the thrill and the joy of building a new computer that drives us forward. Thats awesome that you found the parts at a yard sale and got it working. So after you get that Opty 170 going how many rigs will that be? We are still waiting to see a farm picture.
  11. I'm not sure. I haven't heard one way or the other whether or not they are binned better. Perhaps they are like the Opterons are to the regular Athlons? Perhaps not? [email protected] FTW!
  12. This is what I was saying. I believe the OP has an Antec P180 which has the PSU located on the bottom of the case rather than the top.
  13. In a day and age where video cards have 770MB of onboard memory and single monitors have resolutions of 1900x1200 the majority people still have 256MB video cards and 19" LCDs. About half the time I am not even viewing the forum from my desktop (either I'm OCing or doing something else) and instead I'm viewing from my 15" laptop screen. I absolutely HATE going to other forums with no image restriction size or if there is a restriction size it is massive. It's just bad form and unappealing.
  14. What is this about being closest to the PSU? I don't know where you heard this. Depending on what case you are using the PSU could be below or above your motherboard. If your sig is correct, you are using the Antec P180 case with the PSU mount on the bottom. The majority of ATX computer cases have the PSU located at the top. Most people put their graphics card closes to the CPU, not the PSU.
  15. tasr, have you gone native Linux on any of your rigs to see what the performance increase is going native over VMware?
  16. All you are able to enter is a username. Go to the directory or directories (if you are running more than one client) where the [email protected] client is located and look at the FAHlog.txt. It will show you the progress of the WU. Some WU's take a few days to complete. I searched on Stanford's website for your username and it didn't show up yet. If Stanford doesn't have your username yet then it won't show up on EOC. As long as you entered in the correct username on the rigs when you set up the client then you should be fine. When you talk about your user ID are you talking about the username or the ID number?
  17. Yeah. You won't be able to find out your user ID though until you turn in your first WU. What you'll need to do is search on EOC for your name and then you will see an ID number that is linked up with your name. Then you enter that number in.
  18. You only need different machine ID's if you are running multiple instances on a single computer. For example: If you have a quad core and want to run four different instances of the uniprocessor no nonsense text only console client then you need machine ID's 1, 2, 3, and 4. If you have four different single core computers running that client then they can all have machine ID's of 1.
  19. You can run two instances of the console client. When you set it up you have to put both of them in different directories and set one with Machine ID 1 and the other Machine ID 2.
  20. That is probably the most stable client. It will give you the option to set it up as a service so it just runs in the background and runs even if no one is logged into the computer.
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