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  1. Splave, it is possible that the serves may just be down. Look here for more information and the forum link is on the left list. You could try and restart the client and see if that helps. Side Note: I got my rig folding again. It's doing about 17.5min/frame on a 2605.
  2. Yeah. At first I'd use two in the set up you have but lately I've just migrated to one because my own habits don't really dictate needing two or more drives.
  3. Nice eyes Kingfisher. I didn't even look at the sig. Trevor. the SMP client requires dual core or higher CPU's.
  4. How Many Optical Drives Do You Actually Use for a single computer and what are they? Also, why do you use the amount you do? If you have computers with different amounts then you may vote for more than one. ----------------- I only use one optical drive. I only use one because I never really do anything that requires more than one.
  5. Great little analysis about the RAM Thraxz, I also like how you got your FahMon working to monitor your rigs. If anyone has any C2D's with different cache sizes could someone please post some results. I've seen some of the new WU's differ in three to eight minutes per frame on similar machines depending on the cache size.
  6. Tony, what temps are you getting with what cooler?
  7. True. However, I think if you ran just one bandwidth benchmark along with your speed + timings configurations it would improve the results. This is just my opinion though.
  8. Thraxz, don't only look at speed but also look at bandwidth. I can't wait to see your results.
  9. Hey likewhoa, In the video you provided using Beryl and Gentoo for a bit you take the launch icons from your panel and spin them around your whole desktop. Is this something from Gentoo or is it something from Beryl? I can't find it in the Beryl Settings Manager. I would rather have a small panel with just my launch icons on the top like you had with perhaps another panel on the bottom.
  10. Even though Stanford claims there are compatibility issues with dual core machines instead of Quad Cores. Core 2 Duo's are the best out there for [email protected] at the moment, except for the Core 2 Quads, lol. I haven't personally seen any such incompatibility issues unless the processor is too slow to finish the WU's on time. The problem you're getting is most like Stanford's server's problem. Lately they have been having trouble and having to perform maintenance and such so their servers have been down which causes people to get the errors that you are receiving. Perhaps if you restart the client and start it back then they will submit.
  11. nice pics Reel! I haven't been around much lately. I have been shuffling things around and along with school it's been hectic. I hope to get folding again soon. Keep up the great work guys!
  12. It's great, I'm typing on it right now running natively and I've already gotten Beryl installed and it's working just fine.
  13. Run the Folding @ Home SMP client for team 45454 Yeah, I'd run some loops of the 3DMark tests to check for graphics stability. I've had rigs pass numerous hours of Orthos but then freeze up on a 3DMark test.
  14. Hey Splave, you might want to see if Tmod's BIOS CD has any more current BIOS's than the ones off the official DFI site.
  15. Thasp, I RMA'ed some RAM to TeamGroup once. I don't believe I needed the original packaging (although I did have it). I had it back it less than a week from when I sent it off. This was my experience with the TeamGroup RMA.
  16. It shouldn't take 58 min per frame. If it takes that long then I think that you should uninstall and reinstall the client. Something is wrong if it is taking that long and you are on a 2.8Ghz dual core Brisbane doing nothing but folding. If it is just a dedicated folder then you should do VMware + Linux SMP or native Linux SMP instead.
  17. Yeah. That's definitely taking too long. Perhaps you should try and shut down the client and then restart it?
  18. If you have your computers networked right then you can use the program Kingfisher mentioned FahMon to monitor them all from one computer.
  19. I could be wrong here but I believe that not just any old mechanic can read these. I think they have to be hooked up to certain equipment and then someone who is knowledgeable about them can then gather the information. Also, I think they don't remove black boxes unless the car has been wrecked or totaled. These are just my assumptions.
  20. If it finally went through it might take a little bit for Stanford's servers to update. Maybe by tomorrow you'll notice it.
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