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  1. hey likewhoa, for some reason or another I'm having problems uploading pics. Anytime I try to upload a picture it won't upload or it'll say that 0 uploads were successful.
  2. Linux does have MP3 support. I am playing mp3's as I type this on Ubuntu 7.04. Just normally not right out of the box and you have to install the codecs for it. However some distros have support right out of the box. A_G, there are other distros out there that you shouldn't have to configure much right out and come with most of the codecs right out of the box. I have heard some pretty good things about Linux Mint. You should try it and I think they even have the interface set up similar to Windows.
  3. Does the Antec Sonata have an intake fan? What are your ambient temps right now? How is the airflow in your case and do you have good cable management so that the air can move pretty freely?
  4. Hey guys, How has everyone been doing? It doesn't seem like there as much as discussion going on here as there once was. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm still waiting to see some pictures of folding rigs! :nod:
  5. James, I greatly appreciate your generosity. After posting this I ended up turning my room upside down just in case I hadn't accidentally put them somewhere that I overlooked and I ended up finding them. I thank you greatly for the offer though and if I end up losing them for good sometime I know who to turn to. -Lee
  6. It appears that I have misplaced some cables while cleaning and moving things around lately. The type of cable I am talking about is the type that connects your power supply to the outlet. I have looking around various sites to try and find places that sell these cables individually but with no luck. Can someone please point me in the right direction or to some websites that sell these cables? Thanks.
  7. I don't know how tall it is but I recommend the Thermalright HR-05 SLI. I have mine running completely passive and it works great.
  8. I read not too long ago that some company had come up with a paint that had certain properties which could block cell phone signals. The article was talking about how theatres could use this to help control cell phone usage during movies.
  9. I hope everything gets sorted out soon Thraxz. You've been putting up some really big numbers and it has been greatly appreciated!
  10. I have a Thermalright SI-128 CPU heatsink and the Thermalright HR-05 SLI chipset heatsink. Both are able to wiggle just a bit from side to side. It has posed no problems for me.
  11. Okay guys, just finished up with finals today and moving back home for the summer tonight. I should be a lot more active on the forums in a few days. Also, CONGRATS TO THRAXZ for passing the 100k mark.
  12. I had my wisdom teeth taken out a while back. It sucked. On another note. Thraxz! I have momentarily passed you in PPD! What are you going to do about it!?!?!
  13. I guess... I'm using Ubuntu 7.04 and I have absolutely no problems with dual booting or using wireless. I had no configuring to do what-so-ever for it and I'm on a college campus with secured wireless.
  14. likewhoa, I'm sure I speak on the behalf of all the other forum members here that use this service when I say that I am very grateful of your generosity when you offer this service to us and especially at no cost. Once again, thank you very much.
  15. Hey everyone! How's everything going? I see some people stepping it up!!! I know I've been absent lately. My Final Exams end Tuesday so after that I should be more active on here but until then I won't be up on here much.
  16. Come on guys! We are so close to hitting that 20,000+ PPD team average!
  17. Interesting article. I don't quite agree with everything mentioned but it is an interesting perspective none-the-less.
  18. I refuse to read anything posted by someone who does not know the function of the caps lock key.
  19. I don't believe servers are regional, but I do know that they're are quite a few different servers and while some may be down others aren't. If you want to take a look at server status go here. It shows that a decent number at the current time are down. I believe that they are more client specific. Some servers for WinSMP might be functioning fine while others for LinuxSMP might be down and vice versa with all other clients.
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