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  1. I've been reading reviews of Supreme Commander and it looks like I'll have to get me a copy to mess around with. This is the first I've heard of Medieval 2 Total War. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. THEnumber337

    Starcraft 2

    Is anyone else besides me looking forward to the release of Starcraft 2? Perhaps I just really enjoy RTS games on the PC. I used to play Age of Empires II for hours and hours on end and I've devoted quite a few hours to Age of Empires III as well. I've also played various other RTS games. I've been contemplating whether or not to pick up Supreme Commander since it's summer time and I have more time to play games. Any opinions on Starcraft 2 and perhaps other RTS games in general?
  3. I've tried various sorts of solutions. I tried switching file formats, switching between my desktop and laptop, switching between Linux and XP and I still get the "0 uploads were successful" message. I don't know what the problem is. Perhaps my connection is timing out? I was still able to upload images to photobucket just fine.
  4. Hey guys, I've noticed there is not near as much conversation here as there once was. How's everyone doing?
  5. I love Lian Li cases. I currently own the PC-V1000B case; however, I'm trying to sell it right now to move down to a smaller Lian Li case since I don't need all that room. Everything looks great so far. A side window is always nice when you're WC'ing so you can look at your loop. However, given that it will be a window it won't be able to dampen the sound as much so you need to take that into consideration. I say leave the side panel like it is for now because you can always go back later and put a window in without having to take apart your whole computer again.
  6. Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's exactly how you do it. I haven't done that before as I only have one folder but I'm sure Thraxz has at least 3 clients set up on one Fahmon so hopefully he can give you some more detailed instructions.
  7. Kingfisher, I'm assuming that this is on an OC'ed rig. Have you tried knocking down your OC a little bit to see if that helps any? From my knowledge, EUE's are generally a sign of instability. It is possible that it's just a bad batch of WU's because sometimes that happens. The next time you get a 2652 go to the folder and copy and save the work folder and the queue.dat file. If it EUE's on you again what you should do is reboot and tone down your OC some and then disconnect your computer from the internet and run the unit again. The internet disconnection is so you don't send bad data back to Stanford if it EUE's again but you can still run the unit to see if the same thing happens again.
  8. I am downloading the ISO image right now and will soon be giving this all a try following your guide. However, I noticed that the one I'm downloading is titled 2006.1 while on Gentoo's site the most recent one for download is 2007.0. Should I go ahead and download the newer one or just go with the one you have linked in your guide?
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