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  1. lolz, I love how peeps fall in love with the rendered movie of a game way early in the dev cycle. Blizzard has a team of artists that is only dedicated to making cut scenes.


    There's a difference between falling in love with a rendered movie of a game way early in the dev cycle and just looking forward to the game.

  2. who will pass who first? Me passng Lee or Splave passing us BOTH?:confused:


    Right now it looks like you are scheduled to pass me in 2.1 months and Splave is scheduled to pass me in 2.6 months. However, that is a lot of time and a lot can change. I have heard rumors that Intel's quad-core is supposed to drop to under 300 dollars come July 22nd. I guess only time will tell!

  3. try turning off any firewall while uploading. The only thing I can assume is that it's timing out on your end. Your last successful upload was on April, 29 and I don't remember if that's when I updated the web server. Did you try with a different browser perhaps?


    Yeah... this is really frustrating me. I'm not blaming anything I just want to know where the problem lies so I can fix it because I have some more images I want to upload. I've tried IE7 and Firefox and I turned off the firewall on my router and still the same message. Do you have any other ideas? :confused:

  4. My move to the new "Hacienda Del soundx98 y hijo(son)" takes place this Saturday on Memorial Day Weekend.

    Two Dual Core 939 rigs and the Asus C2D Laptop.

    Can't promise they will all be folding but I'll have the 939 machines on a wired LAN and hopefully it will get around some of the "wireless" issues I was having.


    sound, it's good to see you posting back and hopefully joining us again. :)

  5. i have original SC and Brood War and I just never liked it. Age of Empires was where I first found RTS love.


    However, knowing Blizzard, and knowing how popular SC and Warcraft are/were, I think I am looking forward to this because I have never played a Blizzard game that was a piece of crap. WoW isn't my bag, but it's got to be a great game with something like six million subscribers.


    Honestly, I never played much Starcraft when I was younger. However, I do remember going over to my friends house and gaming way into the night on Age of Empires II. Hopefully, the release date will be within the next year.

  6. Very nice job. I might have to give that a try sometime as I'm running my computer caseless for the moment. It hadn't actually crossed my mind to build it myself. Just think, you could actually buy nicer wood and stuff and sand it and coat it for probably not much more at all and it would look REALLY nice. You did a good job and have given me an idea for something to do over the summer. :D

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