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  1. How Many Optical Drives Do You Actually Use for a single computer and what are they? Also, why do you use the amount you do? If you have computers with different amounts then you may vote for more than one. ----------------- I only use one optical drive. I only use one because I never really do anything that requires more than one.
  2. THEnumber337

    Starcraft 2

    Is anyone else besides me looking forward to the release of Starcraft 2? Perhaps I just really enjoy RTS games on the PC. I used to play Age of Empires II for hours and hours on end and I've devoted quite a few hours to Age of Empires III as well. I've also played various other RTS games. I've been contemplating whether or not to pick up Supreme Commander since it's summer time and I have more time to play games. Any opinions on Starcraft 2 and perhaps other RTS games in general?
  3. THEnumber337

    What to use to monitor temps?

    Core Temp, MBM5, Everest, and Speed Fan to name a few.
  4. What client are you running? Can you post up an excerpt from your log file when the stall happened?
  5. THEnumber337

    Starcraft 2

    There's a difference between falling in love with a rendered movie of a game way early in the dev cycle and just looking forward to the game.
  6. Do I ship internationally? Unfortunately no. Only the US. How do I accept payment? Non-CC Paypal and Money Orders. Ebay? Here. Heatware? Here. How do I plan on shipping it? I will ship all items USPS Priority, unless otherwise noted. Is shipping included? Yes, unless otherwise noted. Location? I am located in North Carolina. Unanswered questions? Feel free to send me a PM. I am a University student. As a student I cannot guarantee same day shipping. I will try and ship everything within 2 days. All items are sold AS-IS. The only thing I can guarantee about the item is that the last time it was used it was in working condition. Understand that payments must clear before I ship any item. If you send a PM leave me a "yhpm" or "ygpm." Feel free to make me an offer if you want! Bumps are always nice. Lian Li PC-V1000B ATX Case - $170 shipped OBO via UPS ground -The case will not come with any fans -There are no major scratches and it looks practically brand new -The last picture is of the two side panels -I have removed the mesh that used to be on the exhaust fan -I have also put a little bit of electrical tape around some edges of the aluminum where I used to route wires -I do not have the original box so I will package it to the best of my ability in another box ------------------------ Team Group Team Xtreem DDR500 Cronus Micron - sold Pentium 4 LGA775 3.00Ghz CPU - sold 2 x 512mb Kingmax DDR2-533 RAM - sold AMD AM2 X2 3600+ Brisbane - sold Fortron Source 450W Power Supply Unit - sold 2GB OCZ DDR2-800 Platinum Revision 2 - sold
  7. THEnumber337

    Help Angry (by clicking the image in his sig!)

    Clicked it on my desktop. I'll get around to clicking it on my laptop and my parents laptop soon. Also, I'm picking up some summer classes at a local community college which has quite a few computers if you know what I'm sayin' All we need to do is click and let it load, right?
  8. do you have your video card drivers installed?
  9. I can't wait until a lot of you get your rigs up folding again. We seem to be in a massive slump.
  10. Right now it looks like you are scheduled to pass me in 2.1 months and Splave is scheduled to pass me in 2.6 months. However, that is a lot of time and a lot can change. I have heard rumors that Intel's quad-core is supposed to drop to under 300 dollars come July 22nd. I guess only time will tell!
  11. THEnumber337

    Starcraft 2

    Perhaps, if any of you plan on buying the game when it's released, some of us can play some SCII over the net when it comes out.
  12. THEnumber337

    Socket LGA775 Discussion Thread

    Thanks Praz. I didn't see version 25.2. The latest version I saw on the homepage was 24.14 I think.
  13. THEnumber337

    Socket LGA775 Discussion Thread

    Praz, where did you find a multi-threaded version of Prime95?
  14. Welcome CPDMF! :nod: Feel free to ask any questions, I'm sure some of us here can get a prompt answer back to you.
  15. THEnumber337

    The Overclockers IMAGE Database

    Yeah... this is really frustrating me. I'm not blaming anything I just want to know where the problem lies so I can fix it because I have some more images I want to upload. I've tried IE7 and Firefox and I turned off the firewall on my router and still the same message. Do you have any other ideas? :confused:
  16. THEnumber337

    Techstation on the Cheap ;)

    I want to see some pics with your rig in it.
  17. sound, it's good to see you posting back and hopefully joining us again.
  18. THEnumber337

    Starcraft 2

    Honestly, I never played much Starcraft when I was younger. However, I do remember going over to my friends house and gaming way into the night on Age of Empires II. Hopefully, the release date will be within the next year.