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  1. THEnumber337

    What to use to monitor temps?

    Core Temp, MBM5, Everest, and Speed Fan to name a few.
  2. What client are you running? Can you post up an excerpt from your log file when the stall happened?
  3. THEnumber337

    Starcraft 2

    There's a difference between falling in love with a rendered movie of a game way early in the dev cycle and just looking forward to the game.
  4. THEnumber337

    Help Angry (by clicking the image in his sig!)

    Clicked it on my desktop. I'll get around to clicking it on my laptop and my parents laptop soon. Also, I'm picking up some summer classes at a local community college which has quite a few computers if you know what I'm sayin' All we need to do is click and let it load, right?
  5. do you have your video card drivers installed?
  6. I can't wait until a lot of you get your rigs up folding again. We seem to be in a massive slump.
  7. Right now it looks like you are scheduled to pass me in 2.1 months and Splave is scheduled to pass me in 2.6 months. However, that is a lot of time and a lot can change. I have heard rumors that Intel's quad-core is supposed to drop to under 300 dollars come July 22nd. I guess only time will tell!
  8. THEnumber337

    Starcraft 2

    Perhaps, if any of you plan on buying the game when it's released, some of us can play some SCII over the net when it comes out.
  9. THEnumber337

    Socket LGA775 Discussion Thread

    Thanks Praz. I didn't see version 25.2. The latest version I saw on the homepage was 24.14 I think.