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  1. with my 8800 gts the hr-05 sli been placed underneath it no room above it !! and with the stock cooler of the 8800 gts does not have big distance between them by placing it underneath so i took my old 6800 ultra block put it on my new 8800 gts put coolers on the mem chips , mount my old amd fan on the hr-05 sli and i have it direct the air to the vga !!!! i must say that now the card is COOL !!!! as for my chipset temps (max 35) are very good than the stock which was hidden by 2/3 from the giant vga's stock cooler
  2. strange mobo's indeed. i have random lockups only when i'm playing lan games , strange!!!!
  3. Hello to everyone as below is my 1st post here does anyone with the same mobo installed one of the new 8800 GTX or GTS vga????? will it work or we may have problem with that?? thank you.
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