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  1. hi, looking for a 3.06 Northwood P4. PM me any offers. Thanks! heatware - trajik78
  2. try putting the HDMI adapter on the other output. also make sure HDMI is selected as your audio out in the control panel.
  3. bummer on the no workie 4x1GB, i had the same problem with my CFX3200-DR. that's why i had to live with 2GB system ram.
  4. my only worry was if a 6pinner could pump out more than 75w. guess it can if you have a decent PSU.
  5. i dummo man, that doesn't add up to me. why would ATI put a 6 pin (75w) and a 8 pin (150w) PCIE adapter to the card, as well as disable OD if that extra current from a 8 pin lead isn't there) if not for the fact that 2 x 6pin PCIE both rated @ 75w don't give it enough power to effectivly OC.
  6. popping 1 x 6 pin and 1x 8pin PCIE enables overdrive since 2x 6 pins don't give enough power to the card for effective OCing. so what your saying is even though a 6pin PCIE is a 75w lead from PSU's, adapting it to 8pin will draw 150w which is how much a standard 8pin PCIE draws?
  7. right, im not saying 2 6pins together aren't feeding 150w. what im saying is that if you have 1 6pin PCIE in one of the 2900XT's power slots, and another 6 pin cable adapted to 8pin for the 6/8pin PCIE slot is it really giving you 150w down that adapted 6pin cable since its rated for 75w?
  8. i have the same PSU. you can safely use the 2 existing 6 pin PCIE connectors. only thing that you'll loose out on is Ati Overdrive in CCC. it only get's enabled when the card sees an 8-pin PCIE connector in it. there are 6-pin to 8-pin adapters which will enable Overdrive, although i don't think your actually getting the higher wattage to the card so overclocking will be limited. if im not mistaken 6 pin PCIE delivers 75w and 8 pin does 150w.
  9. 2Gigs is ok. but even with 2 there's definitely room for 3-4gigs if you like having multiple apps open.
  10. i wasn't the biggest fan of the RD580 chipset. i found the Asus A8R32-MVP to be fairly good, but wasn't happy with the CFX3200-DR (mainly just dont like DFI.) seemed memory dividers were a big problem with that chipset. some worked some didn't even if the memory was staying under it's rated top speed. i had an Opteron 165 that i thought was a bad OC'er turns out the A8R32 just didn't like the memory divider i was using. i was trying to use some of the non-common dividers like 150 or 180 instead of 133 or 166.
  11. smells like a driver problem. have you done a full drivercleanerpro uninstall and pop in the latest CCC? also i see the card is OC'd. make sure you have a 100% stable OC.
  12. i ran that DX10 Call of Juarez demo on all high settings. it spit out my 2900xt and laughed.
  13. my Seagate 7200.10 and Maxtor Diamondmax10 showed up ok for me on ports 1 & 2 during Vista install. BIOS had no problems either. If your having problems try switching the controller to IDE mode instead of ACHI mode. if its an older Diamondmax10 HDD that your using then it may have the old ROM chip on it that had problems with some chipsets. my cfx3200 didn't see it. i was forced to RMA it. ----- as for my P5K Deluxe...i love it. as eva2000 said...it was a super quick and easy install from popping in componenets to OS install to drivers. the Asus disc had all the Vista 64 bit drivers i needed.
  14. i9 hope its drivers being a 2900xt man myself. i find it dishearting that there was really no noticeable performance increase from the 8.37 driver to CCC 7.5. at least in the tests that i did with 3dmark06 and HL2 Ep1 bench. http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...ad.php?t=260832
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