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  1. I need to run my 2 x 512 Crucial Ballistix at 2.9V in order to get it stable. It has to be active cooled too. I had to import it from U.S. (zipzoomfly), hope it won't die soon. :] Here's the thread: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=74469
  2. I run MemTest correctly (400MB for each instance). MemTest actually balances between cores and doesn't need affinity set like super-pi or prime. :] Just to update the thread and let you guys know about this issue, a 80mm fan blowing just over the memories did the job. It now passes MemTest with 6000% of coverage with 350MB for each instance (I let it running all last night long) and i can put my finger over the heatspreader until I become tired. :] I hang the cooler using a ridig wire and screwing it in a hole that my Soprano has just over the MB. and just to know, is my English bad, or very and horrible bad? :confused: cya
  3. i've already bought a 80mm DC fan to try it this night. :] i hope it's not damaged... i don't think so, cause these memories are recommended to run at 2.8V, so 2.9V wouldn't damage it so much. everyone says these mem heats more than other memories around there. thanks
  4. Hi, I received a Crucial Ballistix PC3200 2 x 512 Kit in this Monday. Ok, then I installed it in the proper way (CMOS clear, one stick of RAM, Load Optimized Defaults, two sticks, etc, etc, etc). So I ran it in the BIOS Auto values (timmings 2-3-2-8 - 200Mhz - 2.6V (BIOS read 2.7)). Everything went Ok and Windows loaded without problems. But after 5 minutes I thought that things could be funnier. I read a review in the anandtech's website that these memories could run 2.5-2-2-5 at 250Mhz. I set it using 2.7V(BIOS read 2.8V) using these settings. It booted without problems and windows loaded Ok, and then I played BF2 for about 10 minutes - because my FSB was 250, and my CPU (10x) was overclocked to 2.5Ghz in STOCK COOLER, so i didn't play much with this setting. Then, I decided to run memtest86+ in this configuration, and I had got some errors after just few minutes. After, I set the memories back to default in order to run memtest86 to check if it was really Ok at default configs. And then things went very bad - no boot sometimes, very very instable system, tons of errors in memtest86. I thought I had damaged my memories with this overclock experience and I even contacted my reseller to RMA them. So, after some thoughts, I decided to run these memories in 2.8V (BIOS read 2.9V), and, wow, everything was OK again (thanks God). After that, I cleared the CMOS again, and set my RAM at 2-2-2-8 (SPD values), 200Mhz, 2.8V(2.9V) and started to run torture tests. The tests I ran is the following: 1. 12hrs Memtest86+ default test and lots of #5 and #8 tests - OK 2. 6hrs dual prime 95 - OK 3. 32M dual Super PI - OK 3. 6hrs ORTHOS - OK But, when I run Memtest for Windows (two instances) I get some errors in one instance at ~300-~500% coverage, and this instance pop ups some errors frequently after that. The other instance seems to run OK. So my question is: after ran a lot of other test programs, is it really worth worry about these errors in MemTest for Windows? BTW, these memories really goes very hot, I can't even bear thouching it for more than 3 seconds when i run MemTest for Windows, for example. I have a good air flow in my case (2x12mm fan + 1 x 92mm fan), but I think I have to adapt a fan to blow some air to my memories. I can't run these memories with 2.8V or less. Is it a problem too? Thanks guys, and sorry about my bad engRish, i'm studying it frequently now.
  5. Brazil is here too. With bad engRish though...
  6. crustaceo

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    hey guys i'm a little lost about how to play BF2 with you. i've got the full version, but i'm kinda addicted to the demo version (LOL). what's the server host:port? is it 24/7 on-line? and about the x-fire? the only problem is that i think punk buster will kick me for the low ping... :/ thanks, thanks, thanks
  7. Did u buy 2 opterons really? LOL Just because your PSU works with your venice doesn't mean it'll work with your opty now. I think this opty demands more power, so, the problems. And man, you're doing some kind of miracle running that system in that 7Team 420W PSU. By the way, where did u buy that G. Skill sticks? It's very hard to find it in Brazil. I want it. :sad:
  8. Hey PlayerZ, hi from Brazil! :] This 7Team isn't recommended to these high power mobos. You know it's a low-end PSU, don't you? Check out this thread with a list of recommended PSUs: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854. There're good PSUs at WAZ (www.waz.com.br). I'm not sure about if it's your problem, but it's a good start point if your opty is working properly. You should take a PSU with at least 480W in a basic DFI configuration. And also your might create a signature with your current configs to use this forum (it's in forum's rules). I'm going to buy a new PSU to my system soon also. :]. It's working without problems, but i have afraid with this Satellite 450W (it's a "good" psu though, and not a crapy generic satellite). Hope this helps and stay in touch see ya
  9. Maybe we have similar problems: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...1226#post681226. Have you tried the 1.1 USB BIOS setting? It "worked" to me.
  10. Ok... I have tried both approaches and no one worked to me. First, I deleted Win USB drivers and then reset to win recognize them again - DID NOT SOLVE. And then i reinstalled all my system - DID NOT SOLVE. And now? Any other hint? I've found some similar problems posted recently in the forum: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72573 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72380
  11. Ok. I'll try 'slow'puter' advice first and then try a win reinstall (next year, maybe) if it doesn't work. Thanks
  12. Hi Sharp, thanks for your reply. :] I've tested this device yesterday with 1.1 BIOS set, and it worked without problems in a 1GB transfer test i done - slowly, but worked. And yes, the BIOS default was 1.1/2.0. I had only my MP4 player plugged in my system when i was testing it. I have one USB Generic Webcam also, and it worked like a crap (the image was very dark/green, LOL) in this USB 1.1 BIOS config (just the webcam, without file transferings). On my Vista test the MP4 1GB transfer worked better, without problems in this defective USB port (although i have not tested it much). The strange thing is that there's some ports that works without problems and others that have this instability issue, apparently. For instance, there's a front panel USB that works fine and other that have this problem. Same with rear plate USB ports. But all the ports are working (with problems or not). I've not tested all ports yet though. Should i try a windows reinstall, without using DFI USB drivers (i'm not sure if i'm using it or not in my rig now), just using WIN SP2 Default Drivers? I found some people over the internet with similar problems, but without a complete workaround with sure. Some called it a somewhat DFI bug. There're people running their system with the 1.1 USB BIOS config because the 2.0 doens't work fine. cya
  13. hi ppl, I'm experiencing an annoying USB problems in my system. Some usb ports works apparently without problems, but others are a little strange. When i plug my mp4, for example, in some ports and transfer some files i get an error after a certain time (this amount of time is variable) and my mp4 suddenly unmounts. Some other usb ports doesn't give me an error, but are a little slow too. I've tried in SuSE Linux, XP SP2 and Vista 64 and it seems nothing changed between OSes - the problems persists. I also have installed the latest nForce4 drivers in XP and nothing helped. Also, when i use my webcam in a "deffective" usb my keyboads gets a little choppy, very, very slow. any hints? thanks... btw, sorry about my english folks. :/
  14. my problem was one bad memory stick i'm going to buy a new 2 x 512 GB kit (Geil DRR500 or DDR400, or a cheaper DRR400 Patriot kit). and that OCZ high power PSU soon, next month, maybe... so things will be cool again, and not that stressing rig thing... LOL
  15. i am lazy, like easy money, and like to want have a lot of certifications. :] bad C college times... LOL yeah, DDR400 1GB (2 x 512MB) Geil Ultra X - GLXNF1GB3200DC is my choice. its not exactly in the list, but is indicated to a NF4 chipset (GLX***NF***1GB3200DC).
  16. i have tested each memory individually in the orange slot. i have put the 2T when running the 4 sticks config. it was working fine, but some problems apearead suddenly. so i have done these testes to check out the problem. and then: bad memory! just coding .NET and Java things... :]
  17. hey, i have found that i have a serious problem with my rams (one stick didnt pass memtest #5 and there was a lot of errors - so i havent even tried #8 or a default test) and the other one even doesnt boot. i think after some overclock, downclock, overtimmings, downtimmings (LOL) experiences in my 4 x 512 rams i have damaged 2 sticks of samsung low-end rams. ok, i dont want to spend so much money with a 2 X 1GB OCZ high-end Kit. i'm a programmer and don't have much time to play games (my VGA isn't so good also). so, i'm thinking about a 2 x 512GB kit. i liked these options: DDR400 1GB (2 x 512MB) Geil Ultra X - GLXNF1GB3200DC DDR500 1GB (2x512) Geil Ultra - GL1GB4000DC BOX and as a cheaper choice there's it: PATRIOT 1GB (512MBx2) DDR400 (PDC1G3200LLK) is these geils a good option? is the patriot a good memory? what's the better choice? i'm not a overclock fanatic too. :] thanks ppl
  18. hi, I was monitoring my rig voltages using the ite smart guardian yesterday and using a silly game (www.flyff.org) just to make the cpu do anything meaningful (amazingly, my system crashes better (LOL) running that game than a BF 2). After some minutes running it, the system crashed and restarted. ok... so i wrote down these voltages floatings while watching it: ATX +12V: 12.09; 12.03; 11.96; 11.9; 11.83 ATX +5.0V: 5,08; 5,05 ARX +3.3V: 3.28; 3.26 Is it really a PSU problem, analyzing it? I think it crashes when the atx +12V goes below 11.83V - although i could not see this value in ITE Smart Guardian, I think it's the point that crashes the system. So i think i'm going to change my PSU soon anyways. Could you guys help me in this PSU choice? There's a list here: http://www.waz.com.br/_produtos/lista_categ.php?categoria=10. I want to spend about R$500 ("reais") in one PSU. [$1 (dolar) equals to R$2.2 (reais), so these things are really very expensive here] thanks
  19. a Satellite 450W SATA-545K8... LOL it's a good satellite though... i was thinking about it too, but i'll put it last in my trouble cheklist first i'll do the long cmos clear and after reinstall windows and then start thinking about that PSU cya
  20. ok dude... but i dont think so... cause i removed the problematic rams yet. i even updated my sig. :] it seems like there's another problem now. i was running this system (including the 2 memos i'm using now) for months without problems, and now it's very instable. i'm thinking about a windows problem or something (after all that resets in oc experiences and memo settings tries, something could gone wrong in windows). anyways, i'm going to do the long CMOS clear as u told.
  21. hi, i'm experiencing a very instable system. i've done some overclocking exps this weekend, but everything is as a stock configuration now, but my system is still very instable. it reboots when i load a game, for instance. it really didnt occur that way in the past. i've done a fast cmos clear (i think so cause it didnt delete the CMOS Reloaded Configs). what should i do? cheers
  22. when i pulled that 2 sticks i realized that my cpu temps cooled down. is there any relationship between bad memory and cpu temps? thanks again
  23. i have done a fast cmos clear (about 5 min waiting) but it was cleared, i think. also, the memo doesnt boot in the orange slot, so i cant even run memtest or something else. all other memos are working fine in orange slot. so i think its really dead. i have bought it friday... so im going to change this little piece of crap and pick up something else and not these 2 512MB memos again. i cant work fine with the other samsung memos i have (2.5-3-3-8 stock, 512 MB each one). btw, man, a OCZ kit is really, really, too expansive here in brazil. just one example: Memoria DDR400 2GB (2 x 1GB) OCZ Titanium Edition XTC - OCZT4002GK 1.149,00 (http://www.waz.com.br/_produtos/lista_cate...p?categoria=20). One real values about $2.2. So a 2GB kit costs about $522. Too expansive, dont u think? (...) very sad actually. cya
  24. hi, today, when my bro tried to use the gig the system did not boot up. just beeps. i have tried a troubleshotting right now and i found that the problems probably is in one ram stick, cause the system did not boot with that stick alone. i have even cleared the bios, but didn't work too. is there any other approach to test it? cheers
  25. it's running since may 2006. not overclocked though.
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