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  1. I'll give it a try, but I don't know if it'll do anything, I'm not even using SPD for the memory timing.
  2. Here you go: I enabled WOL, but that didn't seem to change anything (had to enable it explicitly in Windows instead).
  3. I have tried all 3, the same thing happens with S1, S3 and S1&S3 (which picks S3). I was hoping it'd work because that was one of the selling points of this motherboard. My very old motherboard did S3 just fine. Ok, I guess I should have started my own thread, but this one did seem very similiar.
  4. Thanks LaughingCow. I tried removing all peripherals except for keyboard and mouse and the video card is the only expansion card. Even after this, I still get the same problem, the system freezes after it comes back from standby. I've tried many times (dozens), and twice it did not freeze right away, but froze about 10 seconds after coming back up. The diagnostic LEDs on the motherboard stay at 3 red ones when it tries to come back.
  5. Both of those options are disabled in the BIOS. When the system wakes up after standby, I see the screen, but it freezes right after it's up. The diagnostic LEDs on the motherboard stay at 3 red LEDs. If I press the reset button, they stay at 4 red LEDs until I switch off the power supply.
  6. What kind of orientation do you have it in? It seems like it won't fit without blocking something (2nd video card, PCIe, CPU cooler, SATA ports, etc).
  7. How loud is the JingTing? Or are you running it passively?
  8. Yours seems to come back from standby. Mine freezes right after it comes back, both in S1 and S3 on the expert board.
  9. My NF4 Export board will not wake up from standby in XP either. I press the power button to wake it up, the screen comes up, but the system is frozen. I then turn it off, and turn back on, but it won't POST. I have to unplug the power, then plug it in to get it to POST. Any ideas?
  10. I don't think it'll fit on a 8800 card because of the fan location on the card. Maybe if you change the stock cooler to something else, it'll fit. The HR-05-SLI might work for you, though.
  11. There is more than 1 cm of clearance between the heatsink and card, which is pretty good in my books. I am from Canada and got the Noctua heatsink plus two 120mm fans (1200rpm and 800rpm) from NCIX. I guess all the fans are temperature controlled. When the system is idle, hardly any fans are running, and the ones that are, run very slowly. At load the fans speed up a bit and others turn on, which provides better airflow and reduces temperatures of passively cooled devices.
  12. Has anyone tried to compare this cooler to the Thermalright HR-05? I'm interested in which one provides better performance.
  13. Sigurd

    X2 3800+ - Is it dead??

    So the CPU still works fine with the crushed IC leg?
  14. Sigurd

    evercool temps

    Those temps do look a bit higher than what other people are getting with the Evercool VC-RE. But temp wise, I think it's still fine. When I had the stock chipset cooler, it was always around 44-47 with barely any overclocking. Since you are using a higher voltage on the chipset, it no doubt adds to the heat. You could always upgrade the cooler to something like a Thermalright HR-05 or Noctua NC-U6 (which I have) or just live with the noise. :/ Are you sure you need that extra 0.1V on the chipset? Mine can overclock stable without increasing chipset voltage.
  15. Sigurd

    evercool temps

    Is that under load or idle? Or is it always the same?