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  1. anyone used Yrefresher before? It is supposed to allow you to automatically refresh any given webpage at any given interval. The problem is... i couldn't get it to work with Explorer 7. Anyone know of another app that can do this? Or perhaps you've gotten this one to work with Explorer 7. I need it for my stock trading sites. Cheers, ~snezzer
  2. You were absolutely right! Re-installed with only ONE sata HDD plugged in. Now, no problems. I appreciate your response, even though this time i figured it out by myself! ~snezzer
  3. Zero help from Creative! I got it figured out after several re-installations of the drivers. It's nice to have sound from both speakers.
  4. I just built my computer with the 975x/g and a Lite-On Sata DVD/CD-R drive. No problems thus far. The only thing I would suggest is that if you have more than 1 Sata HDD that you install Windows with only 1 of them connected. Once Windows is installed, go ahead and connect the other(s). I did it with 2 Sata HDDS and my Sata DVD drive connected the first time. It game me a constant boot error where in order to start windows I HAD TO have a bootable CD in the DVD drive AND I HAD TO have CD-ROM first in the bios's boot order. So, reinstalled Windows with only 1 of the HDDs connected - along with the sata dvd drive, of course. No problems this time around. Works like a beauty! My set-up in the 4 sata ports... 1- HDD1 2- DVD drive 3- HDD2 4- nothing This makes HDD1 and the DVD drive both "masters" and HDD2 a "slave". I don't know if any of this helps, but that was my story. Have a good one!! ~snezzer
  5. I have my computer up and running perfectly! Except for the sound... I have a 2.1 speaker system (Logitech X-230) that was working brilliantly on my old computer. HOwever, with the new Sound blaster X-fi Xtremegamer Fatal1ty Pro card I've got an issue: All of the sound that is supposed to be coming from both speakers only comes out of the left speaker. Nothing comes form the right speaker. When I play music... left speaker. When I run the diagnostics test with the female voice who says "Left Speaker!" "Right Speaker!" -- both come from the Left one. I tried to go to the website to see if I had the latest drivers... but there are none on the website. I called Creative support.... he told me it was probably something in the software i needed to change.... NOPE. Anyone else here had this problem? I've read about similar things happening to other people, but I haven't found a solution yet. So, I will try re-installing the drivers, and then, if that doesn't work, and i haven't heard from any of you... I will probably go back to NCIX with the card and never buy anything CREATIVE ever again. Then, it's either onboard or ???. I know nothing about the soundcard market. Thanks again, ~snezzer
  6. Sorry for bumping this thread back to the top, but I saw this comment and was thinking... "Ya, you'd think so." However, when you go to the creative website there are no drivers to download for the X-fi Xtremegamer sound card. So, it would appear that the CD that comes in the box actually DOES have the latest drivers. Which is ridiculous!
  7. Fresh machine build. Fresh Win XP install. New everything. Here's my problem: Whenever I boot to Windows... unless I have the boot sequence set to CD-ROM before HDD AND I have an actual booable CD in the drive, I just get this error: "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER." In other words, the only way I can actually get into Windows is to allow my CD-ROM to read the WinXP install CD and then ignore the option to boot fromt the CD. (NOTE: The floppy drive is not being checked by the computer at boot-time. As it shouldn't be. I haven't included it in the boot order.) What I've tried: 1. Boot Order changes in the bios, i.e. 1-HDD, 2-CD-ROM, 3-Disabled; 1-HDD, 2-HDD, 3-HDD; 1-HDD, 2-Disabled, 3-Disabled 2. Flashed Bios to newest version (02/27/2007). I can't think of anything else to try. Note that my DVD/CD drive is SATA. Could that have anything to do with it? My 4 SATA mobo ports are currently plugged like this: First = HDD Second = HDD Third = DVD/CD drive Fourth = nothing plugged in. the bios shows this setup as the following: HDD1 = Master, DVD/CD drive = Slave, HDD2 = Master Any bright ideas? I would love to not have to have my WinXP CD in the drive every time I want to start or restart my machine! Thanks for any help.
  8. Thanks to this site and everyone here!!! I will and HAVE recommended this site to all my tech friends. Just wanted to let you all know how much help you all were along the way for me. Especially Angry... who has had to move and/or delete more of my posts than any other poster probably. Sorry, sometimes I just don't know where to post specific questions. for example, my next post will be regarding a boot-up problem where my computer wants to boot from my CD-ROM no matter what. where does this thread go? in the old DFI-section because I have a DFI mobo? in the 'bios factory' because it could be a bios-related issue? in this section because I'm "Wanting Advice"? oh well, I'll just post it, and Angry can move it.:angel: Anyway, I LOVE my new computer. It's soooo bloody fast. And the whole dual CPU thing. WOW. Unreal!!! thanks again, ~snezzer
  9. 2 x 320GB Barracudas in RAID 0. For: ~WinXP ~Games ~Probably photos as well. I'll leave my video editing files on my other drives. Opinions for Stripe/Cluster size? (I know Angry has a huge help thread for RAID 0 setup, but I thought I'd be lazy first and just get quick opinions.) Thanks!
  10. So, I tried everything: - cleared CMOS (which was a first for me) - only 1 stick of Ram - took everything out and insulated the one in-built standoff from my mobo. - i set things up piece-by-piece, just like multiple diy-street folks suggested I do. In the end..... the problem was............... my floppy drive ribbon cable was installed butt-backwards. Yep. That was it. After I fixed that, everything booted up. WOW. :sad: so much time spent on solving this. I could have been enjoying a game on my new computer instead. But thanks for all your help, guys!!!!
  11. OK. Will do. But first I'm taking that PSU to get tested at NCIX. If it's in fine, working condition... then I will starts from scratch. If not.... then, well, I'll get a new one.
  12. I got a response from a tech at Seagate. The Barracudas are shipped at 300KBPS.
  13. so, IF that one post IS causing a short... could that have killed my PSU? Because, after doing a test on my PSU... it appears to be dead. I have another thread going on about this though.
  14. I'm originally from Laird, SK. Good ol' prairies. Hey 10th anniversary of the Red River flooding, eh? Were you there for that?
  15. You are exactly right, Wardog. It's the post right in the middle that has no hole. I just meant "the bottom" as in... "the bottom" or the underside. Oh man... I hope I didn't wreck my motherboard!!! On my first build! What should I put inbetween the post and the mobo to insulate it? And Why doesn't Antec's manual discuss this??? Argh... my wife'll be pleases if I need to buy another motherboard.:eek: ~snezzer
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