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  1. Thanks for your help guys! I did a long CMOS clear (about 48hrs!) and now my system has started fine with only 1 512MB stick in slot 1. I'll try it now with the other 3 installed, but do you guys think it was a memory problem? If so, then I reckon it could be time to find myself some sticks of 1GB RAM!
  2. Thanks guys! I've left the CMOS to do a LONG clear and will try again tonight following the instructions for the long CMOS clear. I'll let you know what happens! Does this sound like a memory issue? I had this before with another motherboard which is why I switched to DFI.. If so, can anyone recommend a good memory module to buy that is compatible with this board?
  3. Hi All Can someone help me out with a problem I've had please? I got myself a new NF4 Inifinity motherboard yesterday and set up my PC with a new windows install. Everything worked fine until after about 4-5 hours of use! I'd just done a fairly large Windows update and restarted as normal except that my MB failed to boot! :confused: What happened was the PC rebooted, the motherboard gave it's first beep and then displayed the Infinity logo screen. After that nothing happened - it just stayed on the logo screen. :mad: I've tried clearing the BIOS and nothing has happened.. does anyone have any ideas? Thanks guys!
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