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  1. Update to windows to SP2 and then install the usb2 drivers. If you dont do that they wont install.
  2. Thanks again lads... btw what does TccD mean?
  3. Ok chaps cheers for the help but these two rams together are not going to work. Could you help me buy some ram? say if i went for a stick of cheap 1gig ram (same as this stuff) would that work as one gig or would still be problems? if not could you advise me on cheap stuff that would work... cheers also would it be better running one stick or 2x512? im not running them at great timings, its mainy for gaming.
  4. ok mate first ram says "corsair - 32M8BDC PS 1100603" the other says "value select - VS32M8-5 PS 130054"
  5. Also if i got this http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?Quick...46&v=2#infoarea Which is the same as one of the sticks would it work?
  6. They are both corsair but have different chip names. The timings are 2.5, 3, 3, 8, t2... and as you know the other has CAS3... I can only set the divider at the first one (gives me 156mhz) they are pc3200 btw. If i change the divider i get the old "detecting Raid" or something. Is there another way i can make it higher? without changing the divider? cheers again for the help. btw i did a clear cmos and it still ran at 512 which was running at 200mhz... not a good sign hey?
  7. Please help! its doing my swede in ive searched and searched but i seem to be the only person to have ever had this problem?!? if you know anything about ram timings or anything that may help please give me a shout.. lovey long time
  8. All that i can say is if you are using SATA ports 1-2 dont! they are not directly connected to the chipset which is not a good thing and proberly caused the error on your drive. Disable 1-2 in the bios and use just 3-4. gl
  9. Cheers Branjo for the tip. I will see how it goes, i will be pretty pished if i have to upgrade the ram. It was suppose to be a cheap upgrade so if that is the case i should have just upgraded the whole thing. Im dloading call of duty 2 as we speak, if that plays well i will be pretty happy.
  10. haha dont worry They are in 1-3 and the volts are 2.7, i will try 2.75. cheers for the help chaps
  11. There would be a big "feel" difference between 512 and 1gig? my computer feels really nice at the min, a oc'ed sempron is much more reponsive than a stock one. Im happy with my setup at the min so who care if i have 1 gig? its far better than it was Btw i think you are right, it is using 1 gig even tho memtest and windows says it isnt.
  12. Ah thats unlucky man, i think it seems the sapphire ones are the only ones that seem to work, lucky i payed a extra £5 for the sapphire because its the only one that gives thermal readings (i wonder if that has something to do with the problem everyone is having?!?). Ive done a memtest on both sticks, working fine :S
  13. Same, i havnt had a single problem with my sapphire... Thinking about it isnt the sapphire the only one that gives temperature readings? im pretty sure it is... maybe thats the problem?!?
  14. Really?!?! they been a pain in the butt? I didnt have a single problem with mine but having 512 of system ram isnt much good.
  15. haha lucky i got one now then... have you got any ideas what my problem could be? They are double banked memory sticks, does this make a difference? Its driving me mad! i only got this mobo to make my pooter faster and all its done is speed my proc and ruin my ram
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