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  1. Hi! I'd like to know where you put the fan controller's sensors and how do you attach them. Thanks!
  2. Hi! Today I tried to put a fan 3 pin to the cpufan (fan1 on the cfx3200) and move the other 3 pin fan connector I have to fan2. When I power on it doesn't boot and gives everytime a post code 15 . Everything works fine if I put off both connectors or just put only one in fan1, what's the problem?
  3. I resolved my cold boot changing the psu, using the right memory settings (especially the 2/4 dimm slew to advance 450 and the tref 4760 or something) and leaving the standby amber led on (just shutdown the pc without switch the psu power on/off switch)
  4. I agree with you, probably the best question to ask is which temp the core should max before unstable or damage.
  5. HUmm I am a little confused about your answer. I mean, I read that the max temp for this kind of processor is 55c, the core temp is readed inside the cpu so it should be more realistic than the one read by the bios (which I know is something outside the cpu), the overall you wrote. But we have a dual core cpu and I never seen a dual core with the same temp for both core so an average of both temps can be more realistic or simply the worst temp, but the overall one is seems so low to take into account, what do you think?
  6. Hi! I'd like to know, in your experience, if a ram at xxx mhz tested with 8 hours in memetest86 test 5, 2 hours test 8 and a couple of goldmemory complete test can maintain EACH of its settings when you push the cpu in overclock. For example, if the ram tested in a non overclocked environment (no divisor, cpu at stock speed and voltage with lower multiplier) has tref 3120, trc 7, bypass max 7x, when I push the cpu in overclock and divider become 166, the tref stays at 3120, trc at 7 and bypass at 7x and so the others memory settings that were stable before? Which settings need to be changed when the htt going up (if any)? Thanks!
  7. Trying coretemp and now I can see the real temperature , but with two cores I have 2 temps, which one is important? An average or the worst? Thanks again!!
  8. Hi, I'd like to know if the cfx3200 bios temperature measures correct or is more or less. I measure it with mbm5 with NF4 datafile, cbid and SM, all the same value but seems so low for me (actually at full load on an opty 2.87ghz @ 1.425V on air I read 34°-36° ambient 17°). Thanks!
  9. In your exerience, how many degrees is less the cpu temperature read by bios ? Thanks!
  10. HI! Nice thread indeed. I have a cold boot problem ( I think): I have just bought a Corsair Hx620W psu and after pushing my htt to 300x9 (166 divider, my ram are memtest86 and goldmemory stable at 265mhz for 10 hours) everytime I restart or power on I need to reset several times before boot (debug led is C1). When I was at 265*8 (no divider) everytime is a normal boot, after pushing htt the problem. After reading this thread I try to leave on the PSU, but this seems to not fix the reboot problem. Is there some bios settings to help ? Thanks in advance!
  11. I think this kind of ram is the same of the gskill HZ 2x1gb, same chip, same overclock capabilities so they perform as any 3-4-4-8 ram (we are speaking of that settings at over 250mhz, they can hit 270mhz as I did, not so common per 2x1gb ram of that price). If you need speed and good timings there are better (and expensive) ram, if you need high FSB and low price they are really good. How do you compare the performance of adata? Is a visual sensation or benchmarking? Try some g.skill Hz or OCZ with the same chip settings
  12. After some looking around I ordered the Corsair Hx620W, those ripples on the gamexstream doesn't like me so much. I live in Italy and the A-Data is common here, they are good and they seems like the ocz F1 with samsung uccc one (by now they hit 270 mhz with the cfx3200)
  13. looking around I read about the ripple of the gamexstream under load, I know they are not so scandalous, but push me to search something else to compare to hx620w or 520w. For the same price of the 620w I can buy a seasonic M12 700 but it seems not rated or in dfi recomended list and makes me scary , what's your opinion of this ali compared to the corsair one? Any site with a review of both of them to compare? Thanks!
  14. Which one you choose between a corsair HX 520W and a ocz GameXStream 700W ? I'll use it with my opty 165 overclocked and the rest of the hardware in sign. I know, the 520w is sufficient but I don't know if it will be for new cpu or quad systems for the next 2-3 years to come (I don't like sli/CF so for this no problem). thanks for any help!
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