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  1. You are probably right, since I didn't have these problems when I was still using my single core AMD64 3000+. But does anyone have an explanation why this strange solution (removing the cooler and reattaching it) works?
  2. Thanks, I added my specs now. What do you mean by replacing the chipset?
  3. Hi, now it happened twice already. I've been playing Armed Assault for some while, and after maybe two hours, my computer turns off. When I try to turn it back on, I see all four red diagnostic LEDs on the mainboard, which, according to the manual means, that the CPU is being detected. Nothing happens. Turning off the PSU doesn't help either. I thought it was some kind of temperature issue, so I left the computer for a couple of hours to let whatever was overheated cool down. But still it doesn't help. When it happened the first time, I was afraid the CPU was damaged, so I began removing the CPU cooler. But then, after removing it, I wanted to give it a last chance, so I reattached it - and, magically, everything was fine again. I did some stress tests with Prime95 and found out that the mainboard itself gets quite warm, around 60 °C. The CPU temperature didn't rise above 50 °C. I installed an additional case fan. Yesterday it happened again. And again, the solution was to remove the CPU cooler and attach it again. How can that be?
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