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  1. I got the 2006/04/25 Bios Version and after checking there is no option. I just hope it locks the PCIe frequency right.
  2. Ok, thanks for the help. Looks like there is really no option for PCIe Frequency. I just wanted to make sure. The only thing i could find was "PCIe Common Clock" (enable/disable (default)) under Pcie configuration. Any idea what it is for?
  3. Hi, i got this nice mainboard last week and wanted to overclock my opteron 165 a little. Unfortunately i cant find an answer to a very important question. My question is: Where can i set/fix the PCI eXpress Frequency to 100Mhz in the Bios? After going through the Bios twice i couldnt find anything. Or does the mainboard fix automatically to 100 Mhz even when i overclock. Thanks
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