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  1. ya i was told it was better for gettin things to run stable then service pack 2 the guys at the computer shop told me to get everything running on sp1 then go to sp2 so that wut im doin
  2. k well i bought all my stuff new in september but i have had nothing but problems since i got it i bought it off NCIX.com first my vid card wasnt workin and i fixxed it then it wouldnt boot it would just give me the ram error beep so i rma'd my 2 ram sticks that werent working at all they said they sent me new ones but wen i got them they still didnt work and the guy at the computer shop said it was my mother board so i sent it bak and they gave me a new one i got it all together but it wasnt stable so i started looking into y and thats how i ended up here the 2 sticks that wont beet are the 2 ones that they sent me saying they were new i just want to get this thing running stable because any time i go to render it just flips put and crashes and i cant be havin that wen a render is 500 - 600 frames long is there anyreason y both sticks that boot come up with exactly 22000 errors on test 5 ant 97% its exactly the wen i test them together
  3. ok so i tested sticks individualy the first stick came up with 22000 errors on test 5 ant 97 % the second stick did the same the third stick wouldnt boot so i watched the diagnostic leds and the powered then found cpu but couldnt find dram which is 2 led lights on the fourth stick wouldnt boot but came up as found dram and just got stuck with 1 led on which is apparently vga but that doesnt make sence because the lan party logo did come up on the screen
  4. ok i tryed those settings and i still got 22000 errors on test # 5 any other ideas?
  5. ok so i followed ur instructions all the way through i have read every page it boots fine i run mem test and it comes up with 22000 errors on test 5 wut should i do
  6. ok im a noob so sorry if i dont kno how to describe things properly im here to learn.. ok so i have 4 sticks of OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 gold GX XTC i put them in my computer and left the bios settings to auto but wen i run memtest i get 22000 errors the people at twisted forums helped alot but they sent me here heres a link to the post there so you can see what they have told me and what i have tryed http://twistedforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12283 please help me i have been dealing with this for quite a while sorry if the old sig was hard to read
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