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  1. FOR BOOSTER i have had similar crashes recently with all source based games and this game but other games like bf2 ,riddick graw all worked fine , and so did windows in the end i was chaging my ram timmings for clocking and that sorted everything , my conclusion some games put alot of strain on memory contorlers so when u use agresive timmings it crashes to desktop . worth a try
  2. thats music to my eyes mr angry . im a bit of a noob and never dealt with sata's i read it where i got the board from and on a review on a website when i was researching my buy . so ill save a bit more and try find an old raptor thanx for ya help
  3. hello all . big welcome bk to the street ive missed it as of late . basically my question is my motherboard can only handle sta 1 hdd's and not even raptors so they tell me , im about to purchase a sata hdd or second ide for a new c drive which would be best for me to get ,,,(is there any sata 2 mod for my mobo like on some over dfi boards ?) if not then some good sata 1 drive sugestions im having trouble finding any. second question, will i notice much speed diference im curently using a 200gb western digital ide drive split into 2 partions 1 for c and other d . i want to move that to just a storage drive only id only need around 80 gb for my c thanx
  4. well eventually i got there all four sticks run @ 1T but to push the oc further i think ill switch to 2 as i have had stability issues when clocking . other than that they wouldnt run at std timmings had to up them from 2.5 3 3 6 to 2.5 4 4 8....i know with 2.85 v aswell,, everything runs good tho just need to keep pushing slowly and adjust as i go (hopefully) exellent rig once u got ure tweak on
  5. cool ill add u up ollietwinam . im in a css clan but its turned into fun only now and a deathmatch server . ill see ya on some servers. i play bf2 aswell but im waiting to get second pair of ram i wont even try to play with 512 lol ill be there all night loading after that ill terorizing all of the world i get good pings i got 8mb unlimted pipex
  6. dont do it i have recently built my rig with kingston ram to start and its not worth the greif especially if you want to just run @ defualt clocks, but u never know ure luck as others have done ok with kingston ram
  7. just like to thank all who have helped me and given there view or advice over past week if ya take a gander at theese pics u can see im verrry stable @ 2.6 ghz id like ram highere but its working gd for now ill keep you all posted soon when new ram arrives ill be clocking again hoping to get ram higher as ive had it up to 250 mhz
  8. sale revoked using in second rig 1 crossfire and 1 sli eventually
  9. nooooooooooo ive just baught some new ram if only i waited they would of been lovely
  10. i sure did nothing is dead untill it is well and truely dead and with 512 mb ram playing games aint fun at the minute so im browseing like mad
  11. cool so you could run games on 1 and ure desktop on the other ?
  12. right so you cab take 1 motherboard with a nvidia chipset and two gpu pcie slots and trun it into a sli board great . But if it wasnt a sli or crossfire board why does it have two gfx slots? im lost lol what is it originally if it aint sli or cf ??????
  13. theycallmeMR


    ye i know gets me heart thumping . il install soon, stabilising sytem at the min only got css installed and double agent which is turning out to be the best splinter game yet
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