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  1. what about other brands eg. CoolerMaster and so , any1 has any experience with those models..?
  2. i dont like thermal take i was thinking either the Hyper6+ or the zalman 9500 but i want to see what experience people have with other fans...
  3. I need help i am about to change the stock cooler on my orleans 3500+ and i nedd something up to 50 euros price...i was thinking about Zalman 9500..you have any suggestions...? tnx
  4. so i can see that if i am to do any serious overclock changing the NB fan is a must do?
  5. i have the same ram kit and if you increase the clock at over 870-900mhz you must put 5-5-5-15-2T in order to boot...
  6. it will work just fine it's a good dual channel kit and is good for overclocking....nema brige...
  7. if the sticks are of same size they will work in dual channel and it is better to have sticks of the same manufactuer , but in general it is better to have more ram on the expence of dual channel mode , unless you are into overclocking and the difference is not that big only 5-10 percent but if you have that option you should use it...
  8. new updated pics... [ATTACH]5694[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5695[/ATTACH] however i have made a mistake when i have said that the CPU will not go over 2.6 stable it went 2.7 without any problems but what i would like to do is to have the ram work at over 1gig...like 1044 or something like that and have the cpu at the highest clock possible...current settings are stable and craptioning properly , ram voltage is 2.1 and cpu is 1.5v...ok folks what should i do to get this the way i want it , and mem divider is 800... thanks
  9. ok this is what i have been able to do , i will attach the pics... [ATTACH]5684[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5685[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5686[/ATTACH] now i have a problem i can't seem to get the cpu above 2.6GHz no matter the HTT or the FSB even when the voltage was 1.5 ...this is why cpu clock is only 2.54 i don't want to pressure the ram although i think it can go a ibt further... any suggestions on the problem..? thanks
  10. keep the HTT near 1k , will do , expect the results in the next couple of days..tnx everyone
  11. get the 4800+ with 1Mb L2 he is not much more expencive and is a far better option , get the corsair ram i got it and it is absolutely good choise , it goes like hell and if on a right board it can get excellent clocks , for the motherboard try to get the new LanParty a friend of mine got asus M2N-E and he had to change the bios just in order to get the ram to work cause the old bios did not support the voltage settings for the ram , try the lan party and that cpu , ram and vga is ok but it would be better if you could find 7900GTO...
  12. Actually my HTT link is 3 but i can lower it to 2. Tnx , i will try to increase my voltages and i will let you know how did i go.
  13. when it's on 2.6 it's 1.424V , how much should i increase it? wouldn't then the total htt be near to 1000 , i thought it was supposed to be under 1000 and if i increase fsb more it will eventually get bigger? where can i get that bios everyone has got (8/9/06 bios) , i seem to have this one (7/11/06 bios) , which one is better?
  14. This is what i managed to do , it can't go any further , it can't boot into windows if i set the FSB any higher and it's on ddr400 divider.What can be causing this not to go more? [ATTACH]5592[/ATTACH]
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