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  1. Long story short, i was in my bios and my cat jumped on the keyboard and set the cpu vid something or other to the highest setting and it saved, now my PC wont turn on, if there a way to manually reset my bios by switching a jumper or something, i need help please and a picture would be amazing ^^ thank you very much noobish DFI Owner
  2. hey, i have a buddy's Dell Dimension 3000 and he wants a new video card, its bacis PCI slots and hes has 2.4Ghz Pentium 4. im goin to upgrade also to 2 gigs of ram, what video card would anyone suggest at a decent price to run games really nicely
  3. um i appologize for reposting, im new to the forum thing and i kinda "lost" my first 2 posts >.<, anyway, for protection i guess all i was using is windows firewall. in retrospec, i kinda feel like a dufus for not putting and another programs to block ad/spy/viruses. im gin to reformat now, because its not slow anymore, it jsut doesnt work, windows takes 30min to load and once it is loaded, you cant click anything without it freezing. i guess i just anted to make sure it wasnt a hardware problem
  4. could it really be spyware, or even viruses, ive only had it online for about 2 weeks
  5. i posted a few times about my new build going really slow every once in a while, now it seems like everytime i boot up, the boot takes like15 minutes, then when windows is loaded, if jsut goes really slow. it didnt do this originally when i put it together originally. i ddi all of my updates for windows and use Opera as my browser now becaus ei was told that would help, and it still messes up. is there someway i cna narrow down my problems? i can use ANY ideas, im very frustrated. thanx ^.^
  6. ok, so i went to windows.com, and installed all the updates that were relevant to my machine, and even ones i wasnt sure of, lol, i also downloaded Opera and, i seem to like it better, this was only about 10 minutes ago, so im not sure if its gonna help at all but i hope so, il repost if anything happens, adn check often for any mroe ideas
  7. hey, i finished my new build and every couple of days in the middle of use it slows way down and CPU useage goes up big time. the only thing i could do to fix it is restore my computer back a week, then it works fine for a while then does it again. what kind of problem could this be, that it works great most of the time, and then slows down? but get fixed after a restore im stuck plz help this computer newb >.
  8. okay, so i have my current build puttogether, and its been working fine for a few weeks. i get home yesterday from work and my computer slows down crazy, it takes a good ten minutes to load windows, and the mouse even lags with no programs running, i need some help
  9. ding got it to go throught boot up thanx, now all i gotta do is get windows installed and all the drivers set up thanx, il def be back if i have more problems lol
  10. the 1 and 3 slots are the yellow ones and im usin a usb keyboard, should i try and find my old ps/2 to get it to get into bios? and im only getting the initial beep for boot up no beep codes or anything
  11. yeah im pretty sure its hooked up right, i have it hooked into the sata1 spot and have power hooked to it, my g.skill are in slots 1 and 3
  12. no, it doesnt go past the logo, i let it sit for about 20 minutes and it didnt do anything
  13. hey, im attempting to put together my new computer, ive been workin on it since christmas. i have a lanparty ut RDX200 mobo, 2 gig's of gskill ram, a 80gig sata HD, and an OCchefsirZ 600W powersupply. i have everything put together and i think plugged in, and when i turn my system on, it doesnt do any POST tests, it just goes straight to a screen with the LANPARTY logo and sits there, i cant use my keyboard or anything, what can i do to get my progect going further, any help would be awesome thanx chefsir
  14. i looked at the top rated PSU's on there, and i looked at the connectors, but they donty have the 8pin connector i need for the other power port on my mobo like in this pic that ebdoradz linked above
  15. thanx so much, u figured out a lot of headaches ive had, can u suggest a power suply for me? something thats compatibale with my motherboard
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