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  1. I tired a 600 watt Power supply and I did a long CMOS Clear/Reset without the battery and no power what so ever to the Motherboard. Problem is still happening. As for the BIOS date... I never realy looked untill my computer died. Is there a way to check the BIOS date without having to go into BIOS to check?
  2. I just finished a LONG CMOS clear for 24 hours and + mins and still powering up and shuting down after 5 seconds. Also I had to get some files from my hard drive with the help of my friend and I noticed that when I was in the shut down menu that my supend mode was grayed out. Could my my BIOS be in a perma-hybernate?
  3. Ok, let me explain my problem in a detailed way. I set my MoBo up from out of the box and it ran like a charm (I fixed the C1 loop bug, more on that later.) and found out that I was shipped a new BIOS (yellow dot on chip, then a red one) and found that they fixed a lot of problems with the BIOS (freezing at the slave slot fixed) and so I set my time correctly and set my ram to 2.0 volts. Booted up my computer got into windows and was happy. Then I noticed some thing strange, the computers time was off an hour or two even though I had power running in over night. So I checked my BIOS time and noticed it was of horribly, a sign I noticed when my computer was about to kick the bucket. I fixed the time and wondered how the time was changed since I never touched it. After a while I noticed the computer started to hang up or restart after playing or use over a 3-5 hour length of time. I tried to find help here without posting on how to solve restarts like this but this is not my HUGE problem. Then 5 days ago from this post I got user35.dll (can not remember what dll exactly) problem and I got worried. I ran 3 different up to date Anti-Virus and Anti-spywear programs and I found nothing. So lived with the error for awhile. Then today of this post I had my MoBO killer problem happen... I booted my computer from the case button it started up, and then shut off. I hit the button again and it started up. Then shut down after 5 seconds. I watched the Debug LED and it got as far as the C1 and testing of all the CD drives and such. I disconnected every thing except for RAM and Video card. Same thing with the start up and shut off. Removed every thing including the CPU so it was just a bare board, same thing power on for 5 then down. I reattached the CPU and the same thing, power on for 5 then down. As for my C1 Loop problem... ========================================================== I did some research on my RAM and found it runs at 2.0 volts. The MoBo BIOS stock RAM volts is 1.XX something. I had to buy a low volt RAM to get in BIOS and change Volt settings to 2.0 volts. I hear we are to use 2.1 volts, which is the 2.2 volt setting (Typo?). So, for C1 loops try a low volt RAM to solve.
  4. Sigh... I will look into finding a way to fix my BIOS so it would stop looping. There must be a few stores around here that have spare BIOS chips that my Motherboard takes. Seems that I may of fried it with a bad flash... As for the hard drive... When I tried to start windows before the flash it keep saying I was missing files or starting up and bluescreens me at windows and restarts. Thought a BIOS flash would solve this problem but I guess not. Sigh... I guess I can add this to my total of KIA for motherboards... ASUS: II DFI: I
  5. I tired all the combanations with the RAM in every slot. Same result with all the RAM slots and with two sticks. Also I disconnected all the non-essental hardware. I checked all my power connections and there in tight. As for the long CMOS clear with removing the battery, that did not stop the looping. This board has been giveing me headaches ever since I got it. It would not even read my hard drive correctly (SATA) and gave me errors when there where non (Hard drive ran like a charm on my firends HP.). There are three things that could be wrong with it: 1. Both RAM sticks are busted or broken. 2. CPU Fired or is messed up. 3. Motherboard/BIOS is messed up.
  6. Here is my problem or problems: I just flashed my BIOS to the new verson from DFI (Bios award 2006/08/29) and now I seem to be stuck in a C1 to 01 loop. I removed the RAM and got the Debug LED to stay on C1 and beep. The RAM was working fine untill I flashed the BIOS so I am at a lost to why my PQI TURBO RAM is not working or that I messed up my BIOS so bad I will have to RMA my board. So far I can get the CD drive to open a bit before the whole computer resets and stops the CD drive. Also I hear fant clicking sounds around the RAM/CPU/Grafic card. My Set Up: DFI LANPARTY UT NF590 SLI-M2R/G <- Motherboard Bios award 2006/08/29 <- BIOS AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Orleans AM2 <- CPU pqi TURBO 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) <- RAM SAMSUNG 160GB SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive <- Hard Drive NEC Beige 1.44MB 3.5" <- Floppy Drive LITE-ON 16X DVD±R DVD Burner <- CD Drive Leadtek Winfast PX7950 GT TDH <- G-Card APEVIA (ASPIRE) Chameleon 550W Power Supply <- Power Supply Windows XP Pro SP 2 <- OS
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