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  1. Platinum should be above mine, just wondering if the tighter timings means that I can't get it up as far as my gold? Would I have to loosen them or would they run at 462 on 2325 ?
  2. Hi All, I RMA'ed some OCZ Gold XTC DDR400 2048MB recently, and Komplett.co.uk say that they cannot give back the same stuff (as its no longer made). They ask me to make a choice on what to have. So I am asking you what I should get... I need a good overclocker as I guess it would be a plan to get new ram and sell the rest of my OCZ. The pgae with 3200 rated ram is http://komplett.co.uk/k/kl.asp?bn=10529 unfortunately there are no 3500 ram in 2gb kits available. I am thinking that the OCZ Platinum http://komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=316235 might be a good choice, but probably might not OC that well? My current OCZ is running at DDR461 @ 2.5-3-3-7 and is P95 8hrs stable. Thanks for your help!
  3. The tt one wont fit as the cooler extends right over the chipset and way past it. And thats just the gts ! Thanks for the link to the evercool.
  4. I think i might change the chipset cooler on my rdx200. I saw this http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=324575 Is this any good? Does anyone know how tall it is? Does anyone know where to get the evercool one in the UK? Cheers.
  5. I have a number of items for sale, some newer than others! I will ship to UK addresses via Parcelforce. Exact pricing to be determined depending upon what service you and and goods you purchase (if any!). Note that I am NOT here to make money off postage. I have an ebay account (http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...serid=simonjpic) and paypal is probably the best way to transfer fund. -All goods have been kept in order whilst not in use; anti-static bags / appropriate packaging etc. -Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions -All prices are ONO (or nearest offer) unless stated Main items SapphireTech ATI X800GT Graphics card with Zalman 700 cooler = £50 This graphics card has a permanent 8->12 pipeline modification done on it via silver paint. The graphics card's original heatsink wasnt doing as well afterwards and thus the zalman was added (original cooler supplied). The card as purchased approx 15 months ago, the zalman around 10-12 months ago. I have upgraded to a 8800GTS. This card is capable of running quake 4 in ultramode, although with my overclocked (now sold) 3800+X2 the outdoor frame rates were low! Sony VGN-FS115B Laptop & Laptop bag = offers around £400-420 please Dunno if this is your usual sort of items to sell here, but this is a laptop. See the photos. For a review visit http://www.trustedreviews.com/notebooks/re...oma-Notebook/p1. Note this includes integrated graphics as it was not used for gaming, but it does run guildwars . Almost perfect condition except for the missing PCMCIA door and cracked plastic (was perfect until about a month ago, not sure what happened). Laptop bag as featured, is a good bag but not the most perfect handle system. No long required now uni is over, bought easter 2005 for the retail price in the article. [Not paypal for this, contact for details] Kodak CX7330 Easyshare Camera = £45 Basic camera with 3x optical zoom, fits sd cards, 1gb is fine, 2xAA. Takes good pictures - just took 2500 photos in china this summer on it. Upgraded to powershot A700 recently. OCZ Gold XTC PC3200 2GB Matched kit = offers around £100 ~ ~coming soon~ ~ Currently running at DDR462 at 2.8 on 2.5-3-3-7. Discount / Too old items Soundblaster Live! Value = £5 As it says on the tin. This is ancient, but was still in use until I purchased an Audigy 4 replacement. ** SOLD ** DLink 4way 10/100MBps Switch ** SOLD ** = £10 Picture says it all. No longer required Unbranded 8 way + uplink 10/100Mbps Switch = £25 Switch with activity lights as depicted, nothing special. Old but still up to standard and in perfect working order. Never had to use uplink port, but switch was used for some time. No longer required. Speedtouch 330 ADSL USB Modem = £5 Basic asdl modem up to 8mbps or so (need to be verified). A couple of years old, came with a internet service. No longer required ** SOLD ** Sony Ericsson T610 Mobile Phone = £15 ** SOLD ** As photo. Supplied with charger. Quite old, no battery guarrenttee I'm afriad, but as far as I know there are no issues with it. I have been using it as a backup and lent to a friend, they didnt have any problems with battery. Charger fitting might be a little worn but still works.
  6. You need to complete your signature... I guess that you've played games heavily on it before? Have you overclocked everything before? What is your power supply?
  7. For reference, instant restarts with no bluescreens are the default I believe for windows... you can reveal the BSOD by Going to System Properties -> Advanced Tab -> Startup & Recovery group and click Settings. In the "System Failure" section there is "Automatically restart".. uncheck to reveal the BSODs. Not that these ever help, but posting the messages sometimes might.. who knows!
  8. For my one, you did have to remove the backplate yes, as the mounting system uses Zalman "nipples"... pretty good system, I like it over the mounting of the 9700.... (although annoying if you need to change again though, board has to come out!)
  9. In my old board (msi k8n plat), even though it was close and didnt look like it would fix, my ocz snuck in nicely. from the pics it looks like it will be ok here. I had the AlCu, it does do a fine job...
  10. FYI, according to rivatuner (which can capture how much vram is in use) 256MB should be enough for high-res textures in oblivion; I never think i saw it get anywhere near above 1/2 that. Although I am not far in the game...
  11. Thats nice...! Good old OCZ BUT... so far havent people found that the RAM doesnt really make all that much difference to the overclocks, with my GTS I can overclock my ram and it makes very little difference to mark scores; but even a small OC on the core makes a ton of difference. It will be interesting to see if there is an advantage over other manufacturers... I'm looking forward to a review. Also of note, will they be launching a GTS model ?
  12. (I'm sure you have) But try getting into safe mode by pressing F8 as soon as you get at the windows page to get the boot menu and then try to uninstall it from there (provided you get in)...
  13. You might want to try a 2.7v just incase it only needs a little more volts, no point sending in more than needed
  14. Stupid question, but have you tried using the power switch at the front and the one on the board... perhaps you knocked a connection.. (yes, I'm sure you havent but...)
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