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  1. 3dmark2001 = 18746, 3dmark = 7284, no freezing
  2. haven't prime or 3d mark tested it, but memtest found zero errors. Cpu temp = 34 C, PWM IC temp = 40 C, Chipset temp = 40 C
  3. My computer freezes (mouse wont move, ctrl-alt-del does nothing) if I leave it on. I'll start a computer game (any game) and after 20 or so minutes I'll come back and it's frozen. Any idea what would be causing this?
  4. All the fans light up, liquid cooling system runs, both yellow lights on the board are lit and all four of the red led's at the bottom are lit. I have tried with multiple PSU's, and rechecked the connections multiple times. Its so weird I don't get a beep. I got an RA number from DFI, so I'm going to send it to them monday and hope for the best! Thank you for all your help, I'll repost when I get the new mobo and try it out.
  5. Alright, I did everything you said, twice, and both times when I'm holding down the insert key, I never get a beep.
  6. How do I flash the bios when the comp wont boot? Or how do I get a preflashed bios and put it in?
  7. I know but I've been trying to get this computer to work off and on for three months, just have been too busy or too broke to buy more parts. I have also tried the BFG 600w PSU. Called DFI in CA and am going to RMA the board, just ticked off how many things I have RMA'ed or exchanged or replaced to have the computer still have the exact same problem no matter what I change.
  8. I have read a lot of threads about the different problems on this board booting up and have tried everything. Yet it still doesn't boot. I have the nf4 sli-dr expert board with the amd fx-60, 1gb ocz gx xtc mem in the left most orange slot, bfg gforce 7300, and an antec 650w with 24 pin connector, 8 pin connector, and 4 pin connector (above pci-e slot) connected with power. I have tried two different cpu's (old FX-53 and new FX-60), 3 different memory sticks (the ocz, a 512mb kingston pc3200 and a 512mb crucial ballistix pc3200), two different power supplies, switched memory between all four slots, and it still wont boot. I have also done both meathods of clearing the cmos multiple times, including removing the battery and clearing for over 48 hours. All four LED's are lit at the bottom, which I thought meant the cpu wasn't registering. But nothing changed when I bought the FX-60 and put it in. The only thing I have not tried switching is the mobo, but if the mobo is bad would it have all four led's lit or just not work? Please help!
  9. I have a DFI expert 939 board, and am looking to upgrade the memory and cpu. I eventually am going to build a new computer in a couple years, so I want to stick with 939 right now. I have an FX-53 that has gone toast, and my memory is in need of an upgrade. I can still get the FX-60 off ebay, or should I get a 2.8 FX-57 or an opteron? Also, I'm not a huge overclocker, rather have something fast out of the box that I can do minor tweaks to increase speed. Should I get an o.c.'ed PC3200 crucial tracer or ocz gold, or go for a PC4000? Any auggestions?
  10. So I looked at the cpu and I made the mistake of being careless with the arctic 5 stuff. There is some around four pins on the outside. That probably the problem? Can I soak it in anything or any way to remove it, or is it too late?
  11. nope, I can try asking my friend who works at Best Buy Geek Squad and see if I can bring my rig in to check, but it was just working before I switched mobo's, and I took every precaution not to mess it up at all.
  12. OK, so I installed the Antec 550w PSU which is on that recommended list, cleared the CMOS for over 24 hours, and still the same problem. All four red LEDs are on, and I don't get any beeps and no video signal to the monitor. What else can I do?
  13. Thanks for the links. I am going to take back the BFG PSU and buy the Antec. The only games I play at the moment are World of Warcraft and Medival II Total War, so I'm not too worried on the VC for now. But, I do eventually want to use the SLI and see what it can do. And I've had the FX-53 since it first came out, just sticking with it for now.
  14. Aside from the memory, what do you think of my rig, and what would you upgrade next?
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